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Salesforce Technical Architect

Salesforce Technical Architect Explained

Salesforce Technical Architects are highly sought-after professionals within the Salesforce ecosystem, leveraging their expertise to meticulously map the structure and functionality of Salesforce solutions. Their role ensures that the solution remains efficient, secure, cost-effective, and tailored to the specific needs of the business. A Salesforce Architect A Salesforce Architect plays a pivotal role in designing

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Salesforce JSON

Salesforce JSON

Today we are diving into JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and exploring why it’s a crucial concept for you to understand. JSON is a data representation format widely used across the internet for APIs, configuration files, and various applications JSON Class Contains methods for serializing Apex objects into JSON format and deserializing JSON content that was

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Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Package Manager

Introducing the Marketing Cloud Package Manager Enhance efficiency, scale best practices, and expedite time-to-value by bundling tailored solutions for your company or industry, effortlessly deploying them across diverse environments using Marketing Cloud Package Manager.  You can even deploy assets from one business unit to another. Salesforce has continuously refined, upgraded, and enriched the deployment options

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Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud Terminology

The Data Cloud remains one of Salesforce’s most enigmatic products, often touted for its seemingly ‘magical’ capabilities. Recently, Salesforce made waves by announcing complimentary Data Cloud licenses (albeit with certain restrictions), prompting numerous organizations to explore this platform’s potential. Salesforce Data Cloud Terminology. When diving into any significant facet of the Salesforce ecosystem, navigating a

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Sales Pipeline

Key Metrics of a Sales Pipeline

Key Metrics of a Sales Pipeline ensure you measure statistics that drive the needle to results. Initiate the optimization of your sales pipeline by incorporating vital elements that span distinct stages and pivotal metrics. Here are essential considerations: Lead Source: Determine how potential clients discover your business, whether through digital advertisements, print marketing, email campaigns,

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Salesforce Managed Services

Writing and Sending Marketing Automation in Salesforce

Marketing automation refers to technology that efficiently manages various marketing processes and multifaceted campaigns across multiple channels. It automates the targeting of customers through messages delivered via email, web, social media, and text. These messages are sent automatically based on predefined sets of instructions known as workflows. These workflows can be template-defined, custom-built, or adjusted

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Salesforce Service Cloud

AI in Salesforce Service Cloud

Deliver personalized service and save time with AI built directly into your flow of service work. Utilize Salesforce’s trusted AI for customer service to create seamless conversational, predictive, and generative AI experiences for your agents and customers. Service Cloud has everything you need to scale now and drive immediate value. Salesforce launched Service Intelligence, a

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Codescan Salesforce

Codescan Salesforce by AutoRABIT is a static code analysis solution that provides visibility into code health from the first line written through final deployment into production. Reliable code analysis directly on the AutoRABIT DevSecOps platform drives Salesforce development quality, speed, and security. The quick code scan tool is free of charge at this time. Code

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