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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Can Your Object Trigger a Salesforce Journey?

Many times marketers are challenged to create a customer journey based on data points or events that haven’t currently been captured in the Salesforce platform.  Once you create an object in Salesforce, you have to determine if your object can successfully trigger a Salesforce journey. These easy steps help you quickly answer the question: can

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Salesforce Einstein and Einstein Automate

Salesforce Analytics in the Insurance Industry

In the insurance sector, data analytics are an indispensable tool for making informed decisions and achieving measurable, positive business outcomes. Salesforce analytics in insurance, and data can make all the difference. The current landscape poses heightened and more frequent risks, presenting substantial threats to carriers, reinsurers, and brokers across various business lines. Salesforce Analytics in

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Salesforce Loyalty Management

Salesforce Loyalty Management Explained

In January 2021, Salesforce unveiled Loyalty Management, aiming to assist businesses in actively engaging and rewarding their customers. Employing a user-friendly interface without the need for coding, the platform empowers businesses to construct scalable loyalty programs. This flexibility extends to the creation of diverse programs, such as tiered memberships or points-per-purchase. Loyalty Management is adaptable,

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Salesforce BI

Salesforce Data Loader

What is data loader in Salesforce? A Salesforce data loader is a client application used to insert, update, delete, and export large amounts of data to, within, and from Salesforce. The application can also move customer data from one system to another, upload new data in bulk, and export records to backup or move it

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Selecting a Salesforce Implementation Partner for Your Business

Once you’ve determined that Salesforce.org is the ideal CRM solution for your organization, the crucial next step is selecting the right Salesforce implementation partner to collaborate with. As the resident marketing and SEO specialist at Tectonic, I can attest that terms like “the best Salesforce implementation partner” or consultant often rank high in searches related

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Account Contact Relationship Salesforce

The Account Contact Relationship in Salesforce (AccountContactRelation) is a Standard object like a junction object between Account and Contact. It enables the creation of many-to-many relationships between account and contact. This object is available in API version 37.0. The AccountContactRelation object supports person accounts. That means that a person account can be either a related

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Salesforce Datorama analytics builder

Analytics Builder Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud

Analytics Builder → Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud: Introduced in the January 2021 Marketing Cloud release, Datorama reports replace the Discover Reporting Tool. These reports, available as an app in Marketing Cloud with a Datorama account created in the background, offer pre-built dashboards, making campaign and journey reporting more straightforward. Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud

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Salesforce Person Accounts

What is a Person Object in Salesforce?

A person object in Salesforce consolidates information about individual people by merging specific account and contact fields into a single record. A Person Account is not an independent object. It possesses object features such as page layouts, compact layouts, and record types. In Salesforce, Person accounts store details about individual people, differentiating them from contacts

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