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public sector and tribal governent

Regaining Trust in the Public Sector with Salesforce

The continual onslaught of global crises has heightened the vital role played by public sector institutions. These entities bear the responsibility of delivering essential services that fortify economies, safeguard community health, and ensure national security. However, despite their crucial functions, public sector institutions are facing challenges in earning and retaining public trust. Read on to

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Chatter Features in Aura Sites

Chatter Features in Aura Sites

Chatter serves as a social network designed for facilitating and preserving discussions within business, customer sites, or other enterprises. Members on the site utilize Chatter to engage with the organization, seek expert advice, and revisit relevant discussions. Chatter provides a direct view into the site, fostering insight, inspiration, and allowing users to stay focused on

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Connected Culture

KPIs of Digital Transformation

If 2020 marked the onset of the pandemic and 2021 was a year of adapting business strategies despite the ongoing challenges, 2022 and the years beyond emerge as the era of digital transformation. If you are currently reading this article, chances are you’ve either initiated, evaluated, or are assessing the value of your digital transformation

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Analytics Builder

Analytics Builder Standard Reports in Salesforce

Analytics Builder → Standard Reports: Utilize built-in Marketing Cloud reporting to gain insights into email campaigns, web and mobile analytics, contact behavior, administrator monitoring, and more. These insights are valuable for setting marketing goals and refining customer journeys. Note: Support/updates for the Discover Reporting Tool are scheduled to end in April 2022. Learn how to

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Salesforce Communications Cloud

Introducing Salesforce Communications Cloud

Introducing Communications Cloud from Salesforce: Revolutionize your digital-first journeys and streamline order processes to save time, cut costs, and enhance operational efficiencies.  Build and deploy seamless workflows, integrations, and experiences across multiple channels. Salesforce Industries Communications Cloud builds upon Salesforce’s digital omnichannel capabilities, featuring a robust communications data model. This includes Configure, Price, Quote (Industries

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Salesforce Digital Transformation

Track Your Digital Transformation Progress With These Important KPIs

Effective digital transformation progress has the potential to enhance the competitiveness and agility of enterprises in today’s and the future dynamic market. Most CIOs acknowledge that implementing digital transformation is a challenging endeavor and not a task achievable within a day or a week. It demands a significant commitment from business leaders, comprehensive training, financial

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Google 360 Analytics Dashboard in Marketing Cloud

Customize Google 360 Analytics Dashboard in Marketing Cloud

Why integrate Salesforce with Google Analytics? Google 360 Analytics Dashboard in Marketing Cloud Salesforce Marketing Cloud users can gather and understand large amounts of data thanks to integration with the Google platform. Using digital analytics, businesses can gain insight into the entire conversion funnel by combining offline sales data with digital analytics data. Google 360

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Google Analytics 360 and Journey Builder Analytics

Meet the New Journey Analytics Dashboard Imagine having a centralized platform where you can effortlessly discover how consumers engage with your messages and content across various channels. Google Analytics 360 and Journey Builder give3 you just that. The integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360 makes this a reality, providing access to cross-channel

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