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Salesforce Release Notes

Salesforce’s Off Schedule Releases

Salesforce introduces features and enhancements far more frequently than three times a year for certain products. To help you stay updated on the latest developments on Salesforce off schedule releases. Let’s deep dive into these feature enhancements, with updates occurring as frequently as monthly, right in the seasonal release notes. As you navigate through the

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Salesforce Shield Data Monitoring and Encryption

Salesforce Shield Encryption

Salesforce Uses a symmetric encryption key to encrypt the customer data that it stores. (The symmetric encryption used isAES with 256-bit keys using CBC mode, PKCS5 padding, and random initialization vector (IV).) Salesforce Shield Encryption works in this way. 1) There are three channels to enter data into Salesforce.com. One: user via desktop using a

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Salesforce Backup

Understanding Salesforce Backup Logs

Follow these instructions to view logs in Salesforce Backup. These Salesforce Backup Logs contain information about the status of various Salesforce Backup policies and activity. REQUIRED EDITIONS for Salesforce Backup Logs Available in: Lightning Experience Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions Requires the Backup and Restore add-on subscription. Information in Salesforce Backup Logs Salesforce Backup Logs display the

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Salesforce the Pioneer of CRM

Salesforce Sales Cloud Maps Lite

Keep your sales representatives focused on meeting and surpassing sales targets by utilizing Salesforce Maps Lite for planning in-person and virtual visits with accounts, contacts, and leads in key geographic areas. This location intelligence and map visualization tool streamlines territory management, aiding reps in planning routes with fewer miles and appointments with fewer schedule gaps.

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Tableau Pulse

Effectively Using Tableau Pulse

Here are several tips to guide you in effectively using Tableau Pulse: Begin with essential metrics, allowing users to adapt to Pulse gradually before introducing more features. Like Related Posts What is BI in Salesforce? Salesforce BI helps to create fast, digestible reports to help you make informed decisions at the right time. Salesforce Einstein

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Technology for Sales Enablement

The signs are apparent that the upcoming years, particularly 2024, may pose challenges for sales organizations. Salesforce and Tectonic offer sales enablement technology to help bridge the gap between sales quotas and realities. Effective sales enablement technology can enhance close rates by an average of 35%. It encompasses tools ensuring that any sales representative can

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Salesforce Copilot

Spring ’24 Release in Salesforce Einstein and Data Cloud

Revolutionizing Data Management with Salesforce’s Einstein and Data Cloud While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the spotlight, there’s an unsung hero eagerly waiting for its moment – Salesforce’s Data Cloud, formerly known as Genie. This product, a source of pride for Salesforce, is set to play a crucial role in powering AI on the Einstein

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Salesforce Chat GPT

Chat GPT and Salesforce

It’s more likely that you vacationed on Gilligan’s island than remain unfamiliar with ChatGPT. Since its introduction, this tool has emerged as an essential extension to Salesforce solutions, owing to its remarkable generative AI capabilities. From automating content creation to validating rules ChatGPT excels in some areas. By crafting Apex code, developing Lightning Web Components

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Tectonic Salesforce Services

Are You Ready for an End to Salesforce for Outlook?

Embracing Salesforce Change: Navigating the Transition from Salesforce for Outlook Salesforce has recently announced the sundowning of Salesforce for Outlook, presenting a significant shift that opens avenues for sales teams to reinvent their sales processes and discover new solutions that increase productivity. An end to salesforce outlook forces us to re-evaluate. As the transition looms

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