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Salesforce Webhooks

Elevating Salesforce Integration with Webhooks: A Security-Focused Guide In the current digitally interconnected landscape, efficient business operations demand seamless communication between systems. While custom integrations excel in outbound communications from Salesforce to distributed applications, the need arises for systems to send data back into Salesforce in real-time. Enter webhooks, a solution to this challenge. Understanding

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Salesforce Platform Explained

The Salesforce Platform, formerly known as Force.com, serves as the foundational framework that spans the Sales and Service Clouds, offering robust capabilities for tailoring standard Salesforce products. Within this platform, you have the flexibility to construct custom data tables using custom objects, initiate automation through Flow, and design personalized user interfaces utilizing the Lightning App

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Salesforce BI

Protecting Your Salesforce Data

The landscape of Salesforce has undergone significant growth beyond its humble CRM origins, yet assumptions about the data within Salesforce orgs often remain unchanged.  This is crazy when you think about the original Customer Relationship Management system and how many apps it had to connect to in order to actually manage your customer relationships.   Protecting your

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Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce CPQ and Billing Explained

Salesforce CPQ, now known as Revenue Cloud, became part of Salesforce through the acquisition of Steelbrick in 2015. CPQ, which stands for “Configure, Price, Quote,” goes beyond the basic functionality of Opportunities Products & Quotes. It empowers customers to sell intricate combinations of Salesforce products. Salesforce CPQ and billing bring many front office and back

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