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Generative AI Glossary

Key Questions to Ask About Generative AI Before Diving into the Gene Pool

As generative AI plays an increasingly significant role in shaping business decisions and reshaping customer relationships, leaders must grasp the potential.  This means use cases, and risks associated with AI. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Questions to Ask About Generative AI gene pool. The journey begins with asking pertinent questions. Are you feeling

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crm analytics

Build Better Tableau Dashboards

The effort made to build better Tableau dashboards pays tenfold in there readability and usability. “Dashboard design is not about making dashboards ‘pretty. It’s making them functional and helping the user to get the information they need as efficiently as possible.” ALEXANDER WALECZEK, ANALYTICS PRACTICE LEAD AND TABLEAU AMBASSADOR Effective communication with your audience involves

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add-ons for public sector solutions salesforce

Add-Ons for Salesforce Public Sector

Enhance your Public Sector Solutions implementation by incorporating add-ons. For instance, consider obtaining an add-on license for CRM Analytics, featuring prebuilt dashboards with predictive analytics to enhance constituent service. Alternatively, opt for an add-on license for Intelligent Document Reader, utilizing optical character recognition to extract data from paper-based forms and supplementary documents directly into Salesforce records. Further, explore add-on licenses for Einstein Relationship Insights, additional calls for the Business Rules Engine, or extra business and individual application forms.

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Salesforce for Energy and Utilities

Salesforce for Energy and Utilities

The Energy & Utilities Cloud (E&U Cloud) integrates and extends the comprehensive capabilities of Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud. Integrated with the Salesforce Platform to provide an industry-specific solution tailored for utilities, retail energy, and modern energy services companies. Align your business with the future of energy through personalized service, unified customer and asset data,

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Spring ’24 Salesforce Enhancements to Health Cloud and the Financial Services Industry

Salesforce Enhancements to Health Cloud and the Financial Services Industry bring about big changes for Health Cloud and financial services solutions. Enhancements Home Health Enhancements Health Cloud Deliver connected health in the home with new slot broadcasting, intelligent medication management, and a self-service patient portal. Provider Relationship and Network Management Enhancements Health Cloud Process referrals

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Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud License Offer

At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced that Data Cloud free licenses are now included for all Enterprise Edition or above customers so they can become familiar with the new capabilities and develop use case ideas for Salesforce Data Cloud. Salesforce Data Cloud License Offer! Are you taking advantage of Salesforce Data Cloud’s customer 360 capabilities when

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Salesforce Logo

Spring ’24 Enhancements to Salesforce Analytics, Data Cloud, Einstein, and Net Zero Cloud

Discover the Spring ’24 Enhancements to Analytics Data Cloud Einstein and Net Zero Cloud Enhancements to Salesforce Analytics, Data Cloud, Einstein, and Net Zero Cloud in Spring’24. Reports and Dashboards for Data Cloud Enhancements Analytics Create custom report types, more core semantics, calculated insights, and date and time formulas. Analytics Collection Components Analytics Curate related

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