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Salesforce Contact Key

What is the Contact Key in Salesforce?

The contact key in Salesforce, also known as a subscriber key, is a unique identifier for a contact in Marketing Cloud MobilePush. Use this value to associate cross-channel addresses and subscriptions for a single contact. You can use the same key for a contact across multiple channels, such as email, SMS, and push messaging. What

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Salesforce and Demandbase

Demandbase Salesforce Integration

The integration of Demandbase with Salesforce creates a seamless connection between Demandbase One and your Salesforce CRM, establishing a bidirectional sync for efficient data exchange.  Bidirectional sync means data can travel in both directions from one platform to the other. Note that Demandbase does not generate new Salesforce account, contact, lead, opportunity, or campaign records

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Salesforce analytics insurance

Cool Ways to Use Surveys With Salesforce

Leveraging survey forms is an effective way to gather real-life insights from individuals crucial to your organization. Salesforce facilitates survey integration either through Salesforce Surveys and Feedback Management (add-on license) or by seamlessly integrating web forms with Salesforce. Storing feedback in your CRM, linked to comprehensive contact information, is an obvious advantage. Salesforce surveys give

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