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Salesforce Quote-to-Cash

Acronyms for Quote-to-Cash

Here is a helpful glossary of quote-to-cash acronyms you will hear in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Acronym Meaning Defintion ACV Annual Contract Value The annual revenue generated from each customer contract, each year. ARR Annual Recurring Revenue The annual revenue generated from all customer contracts (ie. the company-level revenue), a metric used by subscription-based businesses (such

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service cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud Question-to-Case Explained

The Salesforce Service Cloud Question-to-Case feature streamlines the process for moderators to create cases from questions in Chatter, facilitating the efficient tracking and resolution of customer issues. Accessible across multiple platforms, including your Salesforce org, Salesforce mobile web, Aura, and Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce sites with Chatter Questions enabled, this feature ensures a seamless experience.

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Salesforce Custom Objects

Salesforce Custom Objects Explained

What are custom objects in Salesforce? These include accounts, cases, contacts, and opportunities—the kind of information that almost every organization is keeping tabs on in Salesforce. Custom objects go beyond what comes out of the box. They’re objects you create to handle the specific needs of your organization or industry. A custom object is an

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Salesforce Big Data and Travel and Hospitality

Salesforce Accelerator

Salesforce Accelerators encompass specialized tools, applications, and services crafted to expedite the adoption and effectiveness of Salesforce within organizations. Tailored to address specific business needs, optimize processes, and fuel growth, these accelerators unlock the full potential of Salesforce, enabling businesses to achieve their goals more efficiently.

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