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Salesforce for Churches

Salesforce for Churches

In an era where faith-based organizations are propelled not only by spiritual missions but also by the necessity for efficient management, Salesforce emerges as an excellent solution. This robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform isn’t exclusive to corporate entities; it’s a transformative tool for nonprofits, churches, and charities seeking to enhance their outreach and administrative

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Dedicated Salesforce Integration User

Zapier Google Forms Salesforce Surveys

Companies frequently encounter the common need to gather survey data in Salesforce from leads, donors, and customers. Addressing this requirement, Tectonic can leverage an integration solution through Google Forms via Zapier, seamlessly delivering data directly into your Salesforce org at an affordable cost, particularly suitable for non-profits and small businesses. The Google Forms Advantage: Google

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Salesforce Integration and Mulesoft

Salesforce Implementation Partner

Tectonic’s certified consultants are ready to assist with your Salesforce project and provide ongoing support. We offer a range of services, including Salesforce implementation, development, administration, integration, and training. Our implementation services cover configuration, customization, migration, integration, and support across various industries. An implementation partner is an organization licensed by Salesforce to help users select

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Salesforce Loyalty Management

Evolving Loyalty Programs

The world of shopping has evolved, bringing about changes in customers’ expectations from their favorite brands. Likely no one is more aware of this than retailers. With this transition has come evolving loyalty programs as well. Shoppers demand more than generic experiences. They seek personalized attention, aiming to be recognized as individuals rather than mere

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Fundraising by Salesforce

This comprehensive Tectonic Salesforce insight outlines the steps for nonprofit organizations to plan and implement successful fundraising campaigns using Salesforce. The guide emphasizes the importance of starting the fundraising journey with Salesforce due to its ability to create a unique environment for managing fundraising efforts and other crucial information for successful operations. Here’s a summary

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Tableau vs Datorama

Datorama vs Tableau – What About Both?

Datorama vs Tableau – What about both for your Salesforce org? When comparing Datorama vs Tableau it becomes clear they each have compelling reasons for their use. Datorama Tableau What’s the difference between Datorama and Tableau? Tableau is primarily a data visualization and reporting tool, while Datorama is a marketing analytics platform. “So it’s not

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Salesforce Product Owner

Salesforce Product Owner Explained

The Salesforce Product Owner serves as a representative for influential stakeholders, playing a vital role in defining product features and prioritizing the product backlog. This role encompasses both tactical and strategic aspects of product development. Responsibilities of a product owner include managing the product backlog, representing stakeholders, and ensuring alignment with the product roadmap. In

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