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Customer Satisfaction

Tectonic’s Approach to Ensuring Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

by Tectonic’s Sean McSkimming Scenarios of Assorted Levels of Customer Satisfaction – Ensuring Salesforce Customer Satisfaction Are you having satisfaction issues during or after your Salesforce implementation? Are you not happy with the Salesforce solution or implementation provided to you? Or are you seeing low user adoption after the implementation has gone live? This can

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Salesforce CPQ

Choosing a New Salesforce for Outlook Solution

6 Tips for Choosing a New Salesforce for Outlook Solution as an Email Tool: As you gear up for the transition, consider the following insights when selecting a replacement for Salesforce for Outlook: As you evaluate New Salesforce for Outlook Solutions, reach out to Tectonic for assistance in selecting the right solution for your organization.

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Tectonic at a Glance

Tectonic delivered over 500 successful implementations. Tectonic at a Glance 4.9 Customer Satisfaction Rating Salesforce partner delivering innovative business results through Sales, Service,  Marketing, & Experience Clouds. Tectonic at a Glance We help our customers transform their organizations to be more data-driven through: Contact Tectonic today. ​ Like Related Posts Top Ten Reasons Why Tectonic Loves the

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Improving Customer Experiences with Salesforce

Sustaining competitiveness continues to demand businesses prioritize personalization and agility in their customer experience strategy in 2023. Improved Customer Experiences with Salesforce are attainable. Read on. “You are caller number 10; please stay on the line.” A few years ago, a phone message like this from a company was a standard part of the customer

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Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Benefits of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is a custom, industry specific solutions platform that helps you manage your entire book-of-business and customer service lifecycle, while increasing collaboration and visibility between sales, operations, and partners. Here are the Benefits of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud offers numerous benefits that contribute to the efficient and seamless operation of your

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public sector and tribal governent

Capabilities of Salesforce Interaction Studio

Capabilities of Salesforce Interaction Studio Interaction Studio transforms website and email experiences with personalized content recommendations. It collects data for analytics, allowing the creation of meaningful experiences based on customer profiles. Additionally, it integrates with customer service interactions, providing agents with customer profiles and recommendations. What does Salesforce Interaction Studio do? Interaction Studio enables marketers

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Industry Cloud

Tectonic’s Salesforce Industry Experience

Tectonic’s Salesforce Industry Experience spans 16+ years of work focused on certain industry areas. Tectonic has worked in all of the following industries implementing and customizing Salesforce: Put Tectonic’s Industry Experience to work for your organization. Our industry and Salesforce expertise will have you up and running in no time. Casino Case Study Government Case

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Digital BSS

Digital BSS, which stands for Digital Business Support System, refers to a set of software solutions and platforms designed to enable and enhance the operational and business support capabilities of a telecommunications service provider. These systems play a crucial role in managing and monetizing telecommunications services in the digital era. Digital BSS solutions are part

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Salesforce Ecosystem

How the Phrase Salesforce Ecosystem Has Evolved With the Software and the Company

Since its establishment in 1999, the phrase Salesforce ecosystem has embarked on a remarkable journey, laying the groundwork for a dynamic community that has earned unparalleled acclaim. Anchored in its core values, Salesforce ensures that clients, partners, and developers within its ecosystem achieve similar levels of success. Today, Salesforce has both a biosphere and an

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