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Salesforce Einstein and Einstein Automate

AI Fundamentals

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long been a fascination for storytellers and sci-fi enthusiasts. However, for a considerable period, most individuals didn’t give AI much serious consideration, perceiving it as a distant futuristic sci-fi possibility. Nevertheless, researchers and computer scientists have been actively working to transform the dream of AI into a tangible

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Sales Cloud Innovation Driven by UX Design Principles

Use Cases for AI in Marketing

Navigating The Challenges as AI Empowers Marketers Use Cases for AI in Marketing. What is AI in marketing? AI marketing is when marketers use artificial intelligence to gather insights into their customers and produce better content. Marketing assets guided by AI are personalized and optimized for the customer journey. This can look like chatbots, targeted

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Salesforce Big Data and Travel and Hospitality

Utilizing Generative AI

Taking advantage of generative AI requires complete, unified, and accurate data, according to over half of IT leaders. Yet roadblocks remain. A recent survey found most IT leaders don’t have a unified data strategy and can’t integrate generative AI into their current tech stack. Technical requirements aside, generative AI also surfaces serious ethical considerations. Utilizing

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Connecting Data Strategies to Business Goals

Getting a handle on organizational data may not pay off until business and technical stakeholders agree on the core objectives. Connecting Data Strategies to Business Goals ensures the goals are met. Many leaders admit they need tighter alignment: Forty-one percent of line-of business leaders say their data strategy has only partial or no alignment with

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Digital Marketing Roadmap

Digital transformation is becoming a mantra in business, but how do you embark on this journey?  What is the goal?  What does it look like?  Begin with a digital marketing roadmap. What is the roadmap for digital marketing? A digital marketing roadmap lays out your major areas of focus and ensures iterations stay grounded in

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Salesforce and Healthcare

Healthcare Technology Solutions

Healthcare institutions have the golden opportunity to enhance the technology systems implemented over the past few pandemic years, particularly in the realm of virtual rounding—where clinicians utilize collaboration technologies to interact with patients remotely. This approach gained significant traction during the pandemic and is now poised for further growth and refinement. Healthcare Technology Solutions. Healthcare

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Digital BSS

Digital BSS, which stands for Digital Business Support System, refers to a set of software solutions and platforms designed to enable and enhance the operational and business support capabilities of a telecommunications service provider. These systems play a crucial role in managing and monetizing telecommunications services in the digital era. Digital BSS solutions are part

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CRM analytics

Advertising Cloud

Advertising Cloud is an Adobe product.  Often times confused with Salesforce Advertising Studio. What is Adobe advertising Cloud do? Adobe Advertising Cloud is a cross-channel platform which offers customers the ability to plan, buy, manage, and optimize: DSP, Search and TV advertising campaigns, and to leverage dynamic ad templates to deliver relevant ad content to

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What is Cybersecurity?

When we hear the term “cybersecurity,” images of hackers in dimly lit rooms breaching digital fortresses may come to mind. However, the reality of cybersecurity is intricate and multifaceted. Digital thieves capturing credit card numbers and going on shopping sprees put consumers and companies at risk.  While threats can emanate from cunning hackers, they also arise

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