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Salesforce Data Cloud

Enable Real-Time Decision Making With Unified Data

Goal You use business metrics to guide prioritization of data efforts. Your teams build data sources to address the most critical business questions. Enable real-time decision making with unified data. What it looks like Data owners and business owners form a cross-functional team to identify or create key data sources. Ensure that your data sources

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salesforce marketing cloud interaction studio

Marketing Cloud Builders

Marketing Cloud by Salesforce has a wide family of builder studios. Marketing Cloud Builders create the content that runs your marketing automation. Explore the various ‘Builders’ within Marketing Cloud. With each serving a distinct purpose. Notable examples include Journey Builder for campaign automation, Audience Builder → Contact Builder for data management, Content Builder for crafting

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Salesforce Campaigns

Salesforce Campaigns Unleased

Salesforce Campaigns Unleased. Salesforce Campaigns serve as a vital tool for marketers within Salesforce, acting as a central hub for managing campaign recipients, engagement, budget, and ROI. While they might initially appear straightforward, deeper exploration reveals their intricate connections within your Salesforce ecosystem. Harnessing Salesforce Campaigns to their full potential is key, yet many users

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Data and cleansing salesforce

Overwhelming Amounts of Data and the Opportunity For Cleaning Salesforce

Business leaders face an ongoing challenge in dealing with overwhelming volumes of data, which is expected to increase by an average of 22% over the next year, according to over two-thirds of analytics and IT leaders. The growth spans various sources, including third-party data and device data. Managing the increasing and diverse data sources necessitates

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Salesforce Developer and DevOps Acronyms

Here is a helpful glossary of Salesforce developer terms you will often here in relation to Salesforce Development. Acronym Meaning Defintion ALM Application Lifestyle Management “How changes and enhancements are rolled out to Salesforce instances. Having a solid ALM process ensures the org continues to work properly and delivers the most value to end-users. Within

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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integrations Explained

Introducing Salesforce Integration – Fundamental Concepts Before diving deep into more the complex aspects, let’s explore the basics of Salesforce Integrations, encompassing three key areas: integration types, integration capabilities, and integration patterns. When we talk about integration, it means to create a connection between a specific Salesforce instance and another database, third party product, or

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Salesforce and Calendly

Calendly and Salesforce Integration

The Salesforce integration helps you close deals faster than the competition by scheduling high-value leads on the spot. Calendly Routing works with your marketing forms and Salesforce records to qualify, route, and schedule meetings. Integration with Calendly provides extra power to your CRM. Salesforce and Calendly can be integrated using Zapier, Boomi, or other integration

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Salesforce Campaigns

Cool Things About Salesforce Campaigns

Salesforce Campaigns are pivotal Salesforce components for marketers, serving as a central repository for campaign recipients, engagement metrics, budget allocations, and ROI assessments. While initially appearing straightforward, diving deeper reveals their intricate integration within your Salesforce environment. Cool Things About Salesforce Campaigns you didn’t know you didn’t know. Cool Things About Salesforce Campaigns Harnessing the

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Formstack Salesforce integration

Formstack Salesforce Integration

Formstack stands out as the preferred online forms provider for Salesforce users seeking efficient data collection and management. Trusted by over 25,000 customers nationwide, Formstack helps streamline data collection, automate workflows, and save valuable time. Formstack Salesforce integration brings the power of Formstack to your Salesforce org. Incorporate automation for data collection, document generation, and

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Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning Apps and The Utility Bar

Ever considered having a static section in Salesforce for essential items like training links, flows, external links, visualforce pages, phone dialer, and more? Look no further – enter the Salesforce Lightning ‘Utility Bar.’ This insight provides a quick introduction to the utility bar, detailing how to set up and make the most of this handy

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Salesforce Datorama analytics builder

Datorama Salesforce

What is Datorama Salesforce? Datorama is a channel and partner agnostic platform that can help marketing organizations in 6 specific ways: Build a single source of all data, at enterprise scale — augmented with Data Lake and CDP. What is the purpose of Datorama Salesforce? Datorama takes all your raw marketing data and connects and

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Salesforce and Healthcare

How is Salesforce Utilized in Healthcare?

Salesforce in healthcare is a growing application. Salesforce Health Cloud serves as a comprehensive platform to aggregate and display fragmented patient data in a unified system. By facilitating more personalized and scalable patient care. Salesforce helps providers build stronger, 1-to-1 relationships; make smarter care decisions; and connect with their patients anywhere, on any device. In today’s

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salesforce queues for case management

Creating Salesforce Queues for Effective Case Management

Enhancing Support Management through Case Queues: A Practical Example Salesforce Queues for Case Management put the cases in front of the proper teams in multiple Salesforce industry solutions. Scenario: Sunshine Electronics, a leading electronics retailer, is committed to refining its customer support procedures by effectively handling incoming cases and inquiries. The company aims to ensure

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