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Salesforce API call

Salesforce Free API Only Licenses

Streamlining Salesforce Integration User Setup: A Step-by-Step Manual-Salesforce Free API Only Licenses Earlier this year, Salesforce made a noteworthy announcement, granting most organizations five free licenses for integration users. While seemingly technical, this development carries significant implications for daily operations and can have a measurable financial impact on companies. One key aspect is the introduction

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Sales Cloud Innovation Driven by UX Design Principles

Use Cases for AI in Marketing

Navigating The Challenges as AI Empowers Marketers Use Cases for AI in Marketing. What is AI in marketing? AI marketing is when marketers use artificial intelligence to gather insights into their customers and produce better content. Marketing assets guided by AI are personalized and optimized for the customer journey. This can look like chatbots, targeted

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Salesforce User Management

The user object holds significant importance as a fundamental standard Salesforce component regularly utilized in day-to-day operations. Proficiency in Salesforce user management, combined with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the user object, is crucial. This article explores the responsibilities of a Salesforce Administrator, offering insights into maintaining controlled access to Salesforce and its

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Cloud First

Advances in Generative AI

What is generative AI?  Generative AI focuses on creating new and original content, chat responses, designs, synthetic data or even deepfakes.  While predictive AI worked on predefined, human supplied rules, generative AI functions somewhat autonomously. Advances in Generative AI have been groundbreaking. Advances in generative AI represent a significant advancement beyond established technologies like predictive

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Slack for Financial Services

Salesforce Slack for Financial Services

Enhance collaboration and streamline workflows in the financial services sector with Slack integration. “We believe that to become the number one bank, we need to be the number one tech team. To deliver on the expectations of our clients, we need to give our employees access to the best tools, and Slack is one of

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Sales Cloud Einstein

Salesforce Einstein Explained

Einstein serves as Salesforce’s integrated AI layer, intricately woven into nearly every Salesforce Cloud. Salesforce Einstein Explained. While certain features, like Opportunity Scoring in Salesforce, are now offered at no cost, many Einstein functionalities are premium add-ons for essential Salesforce products like Sales, Service, Commerce, and Marketing Cloud. A notable development came in March 2023

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Salesforce Shield Data Monitoring and Encryption

Salesforce Shield

Salesforce Shield is tailored for companies with heightened security and compliance considerations. Comprising four products that layer onto existing Salesforce products, it provides additional protection.  Shields are used to intercept specific attacks.  Shield is no different. Salesforce Shield is a trio of security tools that helps you build extra levels of trust, compliance, and governance

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Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud vs Salesforce CDP

Salesforce Genie, hailed as the most significant innovation in Salesforce’s history, has morphed into Salesforce Data Cloud. Operating on a grand scale, Data Cloud seamlessly processes and stores real-time data streams, integrating them with Salesforce data to unlock highly personalized customer experiences. Salesforce Data Cloud vs Salesforce CDP – which one is for me? You

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Salesforce Telephony Integration

Aircall and Salesforce Integration

Aircall offers inbound screen-pop and automation call logging.  Run outbound list dialer campaigns from any Salesforce list of records or reports. Aircall and Salesforce Integration. Use the Aircall Salesforce integration to place and receive phone calls directly in Sales Cloud or Service Cloud. With the Aircall Salesforce integration all calls are automatically logged directly into

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