Deliver personalized service and save time with AI built directly into your flow of service work. Utilize Salesforce’s trusted AI for customer service to create seamless conversational, predictive, and generative AI experiences for your agents and customers. Service Cloud has everything you need to scale now and drive immediate value.

Salesforce launched Service Intelligence, a powerful new analytics app for Service Cloud designed to boost agent productivity, cut costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.  And now you have AI in Service Cloud.

Powered by Data Cloud, Salesforce’s real-time hyperscale data engine, Service Intelligence gives users access to all of their data directly within Service Cloud, eliminating the need to toggle between screens for information. Pre-built, customizable dashboards inside Service Intelligence provide a view of essential metrics like customer satisfaction and individual and team workloads. And, with Einstein Conversation Mining, service professionals can use AI to analyze customer chat and email conversations to uncover insights — like specific challenges customers face during service interactions — assess the likelihood of complaint escalation, and proactively address the issue with the customer.

To add AI in Service Cloud to your instance, contact Tectonic today.

Service Intelligence, a new analytics app for Service Cloud is designed to boost productivity, cut costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.  AI is gaining prominence among service professionals, with an 88% increase in AI adoption from 2020 to 2022. This is no surprise, as 63% of service professionals say AI will help them serve customers faster. By embracing AI, service professionals can make informed decisions fast and enhance customer satisfaction, securing a competitive edge.

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