Salesforce Unveils New AI-Powered Features for Education Cloud

Salesforce recently announced a suite of new features for its Education Cloud platform designed to simplify tasks for educators and students. AI Powered Education Cloud is here.

These features range from student-focused tools, such as helping students stay on track with their degree requirements, to admin-focused capabilities like standardizing an institution’s entire student data corpus.

New AI Capabilities Available in June

  • Intelligent Degree Planning: This roadmap-style feature tracks individual students’ progress toward their degrees, ensuring they stay on track.
  • Skills Generator: Designed to assist teachers in creating valuable courses, this tool analyzes program and course information to identify market-relevant skills that students will gain. It then generates a list that can be added to coursework descriptions, making it easy for advisors and students to see which classes to take for specific skills and how to highlight those skills on resumes.
  • Intelligent Question Generator: Using AI to create more incisive student questionnaires for scenarios like career services, study abroad guides, and academic advising.

Features Coming in October

  • Pathway Templates: Similar to Intelligent Degree Planning, this feature allows academic advisors to create course guides for students based on their degree and time to graduate.
  • Einstein Mentorship Summaries: Uses AI to help schools pair students with mentors.
  • Einstein Copilot Recruitment & Admissions Actions: An AI chat assistant that helps school staff field questions from prospective students. This feature is powered by previous student interactions, knowledge articles, events, and other institutional data.
  • Data Cloud for Education: An education-specific platform that integrates with Education Cloud to serve as a repository for an institution’s entire data estate. By removing data silos, organizations can gain comprehensive insights and prepare their data for use by AI models.

Enhancing Education with AI

Salesforce positions these new features as tools to alleviate teacher burnout and enhance student career prospects.

“With industry-specific AI and data tools, Education Cloud will help K-12 and higher ed institutions provide more individualized support for every student while increasing efficiency and helping to reduce staff burnout,” said Salesforce Vice President Bala Subramanian in a prepared statement. “This will free educators and staff to focus on improving student outcomes like career readiness, well-being, and graduation rates.”

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