10 AI Tools for Research Work

This is a great list of resarch tools aided by AI.

1. Opinly AI

AI-powered competitor research and analysis.


  • Feature Analysis
  • Smart Insights
  • Pricing Analysis

Link: Opinly AI

2. PDF Parser

Tool to analyze, visualize, and communicate data for insights.


  • Analyze data
  • Visualize data
  • Communicate data

Link: PDF Parser

3. Heyday

Turn data into insights.


  • Extract insights from your written, read, and spoken content
  • Pulls quotes from your reading and conversations to suggest ideas for original content
  • Provides specific answers based on your curated research collections
  • Summarizes key points, action steps, and follow-ups from Zoom calls

Link: Heyday

4. Wisio

Supercharge your academic writing with AI.


  • Offers consultation based on the latest research from databases like PubMed and Crossref, as well as your own PDFs
  • Creates paragraphs to enhance your chosen text
  • Includes a chatbot that can analyze and understand complex academic papers

Link: Wisio

5. Silatus

Fact-based research automation with AI.


  • Full control over which files are used to generate content
  • Write a simple search query, and Silatus handles the rest
  • Delivers data, news, facts, insights, and more to your inbox on your schedule
  • Specify a format for your documents

Link: Silatus

6. Elicit

An AI-powered research analysis assistant.


  • Ask a research question and receive a list of relevant papers from a database of 200 million
  • Find themes and concepts across many papers

Link: Elicit

7. Eightify

Learn from YouTube videos efficiently.


  • TL;DR Summaries: Grasp the essence of any video in seconds
  • Key Insights: Get pivotal points and key ideas
  • 40+ Languages: Access translations of summaries in your preferred language
  • Timestamped Breakdowns: Navigate videos with summarized paragraphs and timestamps
  • Shareable Summaries: Share insights and summaries with friends, peers, or on social media

Link: Eightify

8. Aomni

Helps B2B sellers build better buyer relationships and save time on prep work throughout the sales cycle.


  • Automatically identify and contact accounts considering your solution with relevant, personalized outreach
  • Map your prospects’ challenges and strategic initiatives to your solutions
  • Create account plans, battlecards, and outreach strategies effortlessly
  • Understand specific ICPs, competitors, and sales playbooks

Link: Aomni

9. Consensus

An AI-powered search engine for research paper insights.


  • Search through 200M scientific papers without keyword matching
  • All results are tied to actual studies, citing the sources
  • Uses GPT-4 and other LLMs to summarize results

Link: Consensus

10. SciSpace by Typeset

Chat with PDFs and conduct your literature review faster.


  • Literature review
  • Extract data from PDFs
  • Read with AI copilot
  • Paraphraser

Link: SciSpace by Typeset

Shushant Lakhyani writes and publishes Learn AI for free.

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