Transform into a Modern Data Driven Organization: case study nonprofit hospitality salesforce

Largest Non-Profit Travel / Trade Organization moves to the cloud and adopts Salesforce and Google Cloud Platform to improve Operations and Marketing

Industry: Government – Travel / Hospitality

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case study nonprofit hospitality salesforce

The largest nonprofit travel and Trade organization, is self-tasked with developing and maintaining marketing programs to further develop tourism in this large State.    


  • Improve field communication and information capture with Tourism Businesses in the State.
  • Replace a legacy billing and accounting system that was heavily customized and had become very difficult to manage.
  • Replace an aging website that provided access for Tourism Businesses in the State to review and pay their assessments.


  • The entire legacy systems were replaced by Salesforce and FinancialForce.
  • Created a custom notification/billing system that can generate the thousands of paper notices that are required by law to be sent to State tourism businesses.
  • Created multiple custom processes to automate processes within FinancialForce.
  • Created a community site – the official State Office of Tourism site.  Integrated with banking, Salesforce and the custom billing solution inside Salesforce to allow businesses in the State to login, calculate assessment, pay online and check status.


  • Salesforce is now the primary source of information for most tourism account and financial data.
  • All field liaisons now have easy mobile access to all State tourism business information: Record visits, and geo location and can see business status.
  • Streamline invoice creation, credit notes, recording of payment and other processes.
  • Technologies Replaced: Outlook, IMIS by ASI (leading Non-Profit, Association and Membership Software), Great Plains Accounting.
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