Codescan Salesforce by AutoRABIT is a static code analysis solution that provides visibility into code health from the first line written through final deployment into production. Reliable code analysis directly on the AutoRABIT DevSecOps platform drives Salesforce development quality, speed, and security.

The quick code scan tool is free of charge at this time.

Code Scanning Definition

Code scanning is the process of examining code to identify bugs, errors, and security flaws. Any issues found are displayed, enabling you to address them quickly and enhance the security of your application.

What is the CodeScan tool for Salesforce?

CodeScan Shield is the leading end-to-end static code analysis solution for code security and quality. Lightning ready and exclusively for the Salesforce platform, CodeScan increases productivity, quality, and security for all Salesforce DevOps teams.

What does static code analysis do?

Static analysis is a method of debugging that is done by automatically examining the source code without having to execute the program. This provides developers with an understanding of their code base and helps ensure that it is compliant, safe, and secure.

The most comprehensive code analysis tool supporting SF languages and metadata. Track and control your SF code quality with CodeScan.

Robust Analysis for High-Quality Code and Intuitive Governance

Total visibility over the health of your environment reduces costs and increases time to market. 

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