A New Era: Introducing CoMarketing Clouds is here. Original source articl written by Jim Lundy of Aragon Research. CoMarketing Clouds (CMCs), a new category identified by Aragon, has emerged as a response to the demand for an integrated stack powered by Generative AI. Here are some key insights into this groundbreaking category:

CoMarketing Clouds – A Revolution in Marketing In just five months, marketers have witnessed the prowess of Generative AI in content creation, even without a specific focus on marketing. This new era of Clouds are poised to revolutionize marketing strategies. Yesterday, Aragon unveiled this innovative category. You can find the press release here and a summary of the research note here.

Dispelling Misconceptions: CoMarketing as a Trend Contrary to misconceptions, Co Marketing Clouds are not a passing trend. With the marketing landscape crowded with standalone solutions that promise campaign and journey automation but fall short, CMCs offer a substantial shift in how marketers approach content creation, campaign generation, and automation.

The Timing is Perfect -CoMarketing is here: Embracing CoMarketing Now

The rise of Co Marketing Clouds is driven by one factor: automation. Marketers can now leverage automation to a significant degree, marking a pivotal moment in marketing evolution. Expect a flurry of announcements from various CMC providers in the near future.

CoMarketing is New and Here to Stay

Generative AI holds immense potential to streamline marketers’ daily operations, particularly in engaging with prospects and buyers. Aragon has a track record of identifying groundbreaking categories, dating back to Digital Transaction Management in 2014. CoMarketing Clouds may very well be one of the defining AI-powered categories of our time, and we are committed to monitoring and reporting on its evolution.

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