Data Management in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement by Tectonic Salesforce Marketing Consultant, Shannan Hearne

One of the most critical aspects to begin on the right foot within Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) is the organization of your data—comprising lists, prospects, email assets, campaigns, and forms. Properly “filing” these elements is essential for maximizing the tracking and reporting capabilities inherent in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement digital marketing tool. 

Failure in data organization poses significant risks to your business, including:

  • Teams wasting time searching for assets or troubleshooting errors.
  • Inaccuracies between Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement data.
  • Manual reporting needed for interpreting true marketing performance.
  • Inability to accurately report on data due to broken customer journeys.
  • Incorrect use of prospect data and potential GDPR violations.
  • Inaccurate results for KPIs and ROIs.
  • Lost or duplicated Campaign assets.
  • Higher costs due to maxing out Marketing Cloud Account Engagement usage limits.

To maintain an organized instance of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, regularly check for sync errors between Salesforce and Account Engagement. Ensure that the Salesforce connector has all necessary permissions, preventing future issues with automation or reporting features. By consistently monitoring the connector, data synchronization across platforms can be assured, avoiding discrepancies between sales and marketing information. Enable features like email send result reporting back to your Salesforce database for daily insights into campaign results and connector health.

Data Management in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Associating assets with the correct Marketing Cloud Account Engagement campaigns is crucial for effective tracking and reporting. Remove irrelevant campaigns to declutter your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement instance, promoting transparency. Periodically review and streamline custom fields, eliminating redundant ones and identifying fields needed for segmenting data or pulling additional data from Salesforce.

Organization of Content

Maintain a clear and logical folder structure for efficient asset management, saving time and preventing lost or duplicated assets. Organize marketing assets into logical folders and sub-folders, ensuring transparency and accessibility for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement users. Establish and enforce proper naming conventions for assets, promoting easy retrieval and future reviews. Many administrators will go a step farther with a standard naming convention such as year-month-line of business-campaign-asset.

Utilize Marketing Cloud Account Engagement tags for sorting, organizing, and searching content, enhancing overall asset management. Apply tags to prospects for efficient reviewing or reporting, and maintain consistency in naming conventions organization-wide. Employ dynamic lists to automatically segment prospects based on defined criteria, ensuring ease of management and organization.  Use rules to add and remove tags based on completion or actions taken by prospects.

Data Management in The Recycle Bin of Account Engagement

Leverage the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement recycle bin to retain deleted items and easily restore them if needed. Keep an eye on usage limits through the admin panel, especially file storage limits. Utilize the recycle bin to free up space by placing unnecessary items, like outdated Marketing Cloud Account Engagement-hosted files or inactive prospects, in the bin.

Regularly check and enable features like Handlebars Merge Language (HML) for advanced personalization in emails and landing pages. Stay updated on new features to maximize the benefits of your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. 

Tectonic, through managed services, ensures Marketing Cloud Account Engagement instances are up-to-date, offering customization and training for optimal utilization. Contact us for a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement analysis and cleanup tailored to your company’s needs.

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