Is my URL syntax and encoding correct?

If your deep link is not directing you to the specified destination or returning an HTTP 404 error, first check your URL syntax and encoding. 

URLs typically use this syntax: scheme://host:port/path?query-string#fragment-id

Each part of a URL performs a different function and uses specific characters to identify and separate values. The scheme and host are not case-sensitive but the path and query-string are case-sensitive. A mistake in the composition of your URL will prevent it from opening as it should.

deep links url syntax

When setting up your deep link, pay attention to these conditions:

  • If you add an Adjust parameter to a URL query string already containing query parameters, use an &. Otherwise, any information after the second ? in a URL is dropped.
    • Correct example:
    • Incorrect example:
  • If your query string is encoded, start it with a / or ensure it is part of a deeplink parameter. 

If your app is not already installed and these conditions are not met, the adjust_t parameter is dropped by the browser. Adjust needs this parameter to locate the source of the click; without it, we will return the HTTP 404 error URL not found.


Depending upon how your URL is set up, your deep link can have the following behaviors:

Deep link setupExample link URLBehavior
Link URL + deep_link parameter the app on the specified in-app page
Universal link the app on the specified in-app page
Universal link the app if it is already installed, but cannot reach the specified in-app page.
Universal link invalid and returns an error
deep links url syntax
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