Einstein Prediction Builder, a sophisticated yet user-friendly tool from Salesforce Einstein, empowers users to generate predictions effortlessly, without requiring machine learning expertise or coding skills. This capability enables businesses to augment their operations with foresight-driven insights.

As of the Spring ’20 release, all Enterprise Edition and above orgs can build one free prediction with Einstein Prediction Builder.

Consider the potential business outcomes unlocked by leveraging Einstein Prediction Builder. Let’s delve into a hypothetical scenario:

Meet Mr. Claus, the owner of ‘North Claus,’ a business that began as a modest family venture but gradually expanded its footprint. As ‘North Claus’ burgeoned across 10 countries, Mr. Claus recognized the need for Business Intelligence (BI) to navigate market dynamics effectively.

BI entails gathering insights to forecast and comprehend market shifts—an imperative echoed by Jack Ma’s famous adage, “Adopt and change before any major trends and changes.” Intrigued by the prospect of BI, especially amidst the disruptive backdrop of Covid-19, Mr. Claus embarked on a journey to implement it in his company.

The Formation of Business Intelligence: In today’s digital landscape, businesses amass vast amounts of data from diverse sources such as sales, customer interactions, and website traffic. This data serves as the bedrock for deriving actionable insights, enabling organizations to formulate forward-looking strategies. However, developing robust BI capabilities poses several challenges:

  1. Integrating disparate data sources.
  2. Delivering insights to the right audience.
  3. Translating insights into timely actions.

Mr. Claus grappled with these challenges as he endeavored to develop BI independently. Recognizing the complexity involved, he turned to Salesforce, particularly intrigued by Einstein Prediction Builder.

Einstein Prediction Builder Trailhead

Understanding Einstein Prediction Builder: Einstein Prediction Builder, available in various Salesforce editions, leverages checkbox and formula fields to generate predictions. Before utilizing Prediction Builder, certain prerequisites must be met:

  • Prediction Builder operates on checkbox and specially formulated formula fields.
  • Objects requiring predictions must possess sufficient data—ideally a minimum of 400 records.
  • Prediction Builder can be applied to both custom and select standard objects.

Creating Einstein Predictions: To initiate the creation of Einstein Predictions, users navigate to Setup and access the Einstein Prediction Builder. The guided Setup simplifies the process, guiding users through relevant data inputs at each step. Once configured, predictions can be enabled, disabled, or cloned as needed.

Einstein Prediction Builder

Key Features and Applications: Einstein Predictions integrate seamlessly with Salesforce Lightning, providing predictive insights directly on record pages. These predictions offer invaluable guidance on various aspects, such as sales opportunities and payment delays. Additionally, Prediction Builder facilitates packaging of predictions for seamless deployment across orgs and supports integration with external platforms like Tableau.

Prediction Builder equips businesses with the intelligence needed to anticipate market trends, optimize workflows, and enhance customer interactions. As Mr. Claus discovered, embracing predictive analytics can revolutionize decision-making and drive sustainable growth.

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