Healthcare institutions have the golden opportunity to enhance the technology systems implemented over the past few pandemic years, particularly in the realm of virtual rounding—where clinicians utilize collaboration technologies to interact with patients remotely. This approach gained significant traction during the pandemic and is now poised for further growth and refinement. Healthcare Technology Solutions.

Healthcare technology solutions refer to the use of technology to improve both healthcare delivery and outcomes.  These solutions encompass a wide range of technologies from electronic health records to wearable devices to mobile applications.  Many believe the solution to better healthcare is data and collaboration.  The right software can help.

Healthcare Technology Solutions

Healthcare Technology Solutions

Here are ways to maximize the impact of virtual rounding specifically in your healthcare organization:


  • Computing devices, such as tablets, play a central role in virtual rounding healthcare systems. A device-agnostic strategy ensures flexibility, allowing virtual rounding workflows to run on both Android and Apple devices. Integration of medical devices with the broader healthcare technology infrastructure is crucial, and Tectonic specializes in creating custom Salesforce integrations to encompass the entire healthcare stack.

Collaboration Software:

  • Organizations should leverage existing video collaboration technologies when developing virtual rounding systems to minimize complexity and costs. Tectonic will analyze your current tools and provide recommendations for efficient upgrades, where necessary. Healthcare collaboration software designed to scale with organizational growth ensures streamlined decision-making for frontline care teams.

Telehealth Peripherals:

  • Beyond video conversations, virtual rounding systems can benefit from peripherals like electronic stethoscopes, enhancing the virtual experience. Integration of various technologies, from off-the-shelf webcams to smartphones, facilitates remote care delivery. Clinically focused telehealth devices enable real-time sharing and communication.

Electronic Medical Records:

  • Seamless integration with electronic medical record systems enhances the clinician experience, driving adoption of virtual rounding. This integration streamlines observations recording, allowing clinicians to focus more on patients and less on navigating multiple applications.

Patient Experience APIs:

  • Integration with patient-facing technologies, facilitated by application programming interfaces (APIs), ensures a cohesive experience. APIs enable patients to easily join rounding sessions and connect with personal health record portals, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

Asset Tracking:

  • Asset tracking technology, integral to healthcare IT environments, is equally applicable to virtual rounding devices. Efforts to enhance efficiency and reduce time spent searching for medical equipment contribute to a more streamlined healthcare workflow.

Business Intelligence:

  • Embedding virtual rounding within an organization’s overall patient care and business strategy is crucial. Business intelligence tools applied to virtual rounding systems empower healthcare organizations to track patient outcomes, identify potential issues, and refine the role of virtual rounding in patient care. Salesforce Health Cloud stands out as a comprehensive solution.  Salesforce Health Cloud puts your customer at the center of healthcare.

Mobility Management:

  • Leveraging mobile device management or enterprise mobility management solutions is essential for efficiently managing virtual rounding devices. Cloud-based tools simplify mobility management, offering seamless deployment of apps, application of security policies, and monitoring of virtual rounding environments.

Whether your organization requires healthcare technology hardware, software, or cloud-based solutions, Tectonic is well-equipped to expedite the implementation process with numerous healthcare implementations under our belt.

Five Exciting and emerging healthcare technology solutions coming in 2023 and beyond:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources)
  • SMART on FHIR.
  • HL7.
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
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