Introducing Communications Cloud from Salesforce: Revolutionize your digital-first journeys and streamline order processes to save time, cut costs, and enhance operational efficiencies.  Build and deploy seamless workflows, integrations, and experiences across multiple channels.

Salesforce Industries Communications Cloud builds upon Salesforce’s digital omnichannel capabilities, featuring a robust communications data model. This includes Configure, Price, Quote (Industries CPQ), Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC), order capture, Digital Commerce, Industries Order Management, and Contract Lifecycle Management, along with cloud-specific application suites.

The Industries Communications data model is an all-encompassing framework designed for a cloud Business Support System (BSS) across diverse communication markets. (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) and product lines (mobile, broadband, TV, fixed-line services, and other subscription services). Covering elements like product catalog management, pricing, promotions, selling through opportunities, quotes, orders, and contract lifecycle management, the data model seamlessly integrates with the standard Salesforce data model. Compliant with the TM Forum Information Framework (SID), it extends Salesforce’s capabilities. Each Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) illustrates key entities, relationships, and the Industries extension to the Salesforce object model.

Key ERDs include:

  • Business Customer ERD: Represents the business customer subset.
  • Contracts ERD: Illustrates the subset related to contracts.
  • Order Management ERD: Represents the order management subset.
  • Product Pricing ERD: Focuses on pricing, promotions, and discounts.
  • Product & Catalog Management ERD: Highlights the product catalog subset.
  • Context Discounts ERD: Showcases the context discounts subset.
  • Enterprise Quoting ERD: Represents the quotes subset.

We are excited to be introducing Salesforce Communications Cloud

The Industries CME Object List provides a comprehensive reference, and the Salesforce Industries Communications, Media, and Energy Party Model define parties involved in customer interactions. The proprietary party model captures relationships beyond the standard Salesforce structures, encompassing various business entities.

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