What is a JSON wrapper in Salesforce?

A JSON wrapper class is a custom class in Salesforce that wraps or encapsulates standard or custom objects, along with other data types like strings, integers, or even other custom classes.

What is a wrapper class in Apex for JSON?

A Wrapper Class will help us replicate the same data structure in Apex. To do this, we have to create a Class with the same variables and the same structure as it is in JSON. In this case, we will have two Wrapper Classes as our JSON contains a nested array for Order Items.

What is JSON wrapper?

The JSON wrapper analyzes the structure of the document and returns the JSON tags of the first level as attributes (using their name as the attribute name), encapsulating the other elements in compound types. As with the other wrappers, the schema returned by the wrapper may be specified ( OUTPUTSCHEMA ).

What is the purpose of a wrapper?

Wrapper functions are used to make writing computer programs easier by abstracting away the details of a subroutine’s underlying implementation.

One of the key features of a Wrapper Class is the possibility to convert JSON strings to object data types very easily.

Wrapper Class in Salesforce as a Solution

A wrapper class is used mainly to wrap data collected from the present objects to a new object. A sObject is defined as a distinct type that doesn’t include a database or any relevant field; it doesn’t have any API page but is definitely a valid object.

How to convert JSON to wrapper class in Salesforce?

To parse JSON into an InvoiceWrapper instance, we can use the Serialization method in apex with JSON. serialize() and JSON. deserialize() .

How to deserialize JSON to a wrapper class?

A wrapper class is just like any other class in Salesforce whose purpose is to act as a custom data type for Lightning Components or a JSON received through integration. IntegrationWrapper data = JSON. deserialize(incomingJSON, IntegrationWrapper. class);

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