Marketing Cloud Connect is an API integration that connects Marketing Cloud with other Salesforce systems, such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector brings connectivity between the Salesforce cloud platforms.

What are the prerequisites for Marketing Cloud connector?

Marketing Cloud Connect requires a relationship between a single Marketing Cloud account and one or more Salesforce orgs. Your Marketing Cloud account must be provisioned and enabled for use with Marketing cloud Connect before connection. Subscriber Key is required for Marketing Cloud Connect.

You can’t have multiple Sales or Service Cloud orgs connecting to one Marketing Cloud account.  But you can have multiple business units connected to multiple different Sales or Service Cloud orgs.

How does MC Connect work?

Marketing Cloud Connect combines the digital marketing capabilities of Marketing Cloud with the data management, segmentation, and campaign management tools in Salesforce. Create powerful customer relationships with more data-driven, personalized conversations and the ability to automate the customer journey.

What do users need for most Marketing Cloud connect functionality?

To use most Marketing Cloud Connect functionality, users need a license for the Marketing Cloud and a license for Sales or Service Cloud. Understanding the user types and permissions associated with Marketing Cloud Connect is essential to configuration and they are referenced throughout the Salesforce documentation.

What is the contact key in Marketing Cloud connect?

The contact key is a unique subscriber defined by a customer-provided Contact Key. Each time a subscriber is added to Marketing Cloud, it must have a Contact Key defined. This key is used to identify a single person across multiple channels inside of Marketing Cloud.  So if John Smith has two email addresses, one mobile number, and two physical addresses, the contact key unifies the data into a single record.

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