Marketing Cloud filtered data extensions serve as a refined subset of records extracted from an existing data extension, focusing on isolating specific data points. This tutorial walks you through the process of creating a filtered data extension within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. If you’re new to data extensions and their creation, you can refer to this insight tutorial for a comprehensive overview.

Tutorial Steps:

  1. Setting the Stage

Begin by creating a data extension and uploading relevant data into it:

  • Include approximately 8 contacts with first names, last names, and active status.

Now, consider the potential of filtering this information. While filters are beneficial within a single data extension like the current one, they may not suffice when cross-referencing data across various extensions. In such cases, for increased flexibility, you may explore SQL queries or third-party apps like “DEselect.”

  1. Creating a New Filtered Data Extension

Navigate back to subscribers and click the create button, selecting a filtered data extension instead of a standard one. Choose the source (subscriber DE) from the provided list.

  1. Defining Filter Criteria

Upon selecting the source, you’ll reach the filter criteria definition screen:

  • Drag and drop the “active” field to the right-hand side.
  • Define the filter criteria, such as ‘active is true.’
  • Explore various options for more intricate filtering based on additional values.
  1. Introducing Measures

Now, let’s discuss measures:

  • Measures focus on customer interactions rather than stored data.
  • Examples include tracking recent marketing sends, identifying unsubscribes, or determining clicks in the last 30 days.
  • For advanced analyses beyond the provided measures, you can consider utilizing SQL queries or third-party tools.
  1. Saving and Building

Once satisfied with the filter criteria, click ‘Save and build’:

  • Name the new data extension, such as “subscribers 2 active.”
  • The resulting data extension will contain records that meet the specified filter criteria.
  • Inspect the ‘records’ section to view the successfully saved contacts marked as active in this filtered data extension.

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