Social Studio to Sundown. Marketing Cloud Social Studio Retirement announced.

Salesforce is retiring the following Marketing Cloud Social Studio subscriptions (“Marketing Cloud Social Studio Products”) on November 18, 2024.

Marketing Cloud Social Studio Products

Social Studio (Listen & Engage) – AgencySocial Studio (Publish, Listen & Engage) – Pro
Social Studio (Listen & Engage) – BasicSocial Studio – Customer Service Pro
Social Studio (Listen & Engage) – CorporateMarketing Cloud Platform Fees
Social Studio (Listen & Engage) – EnterpriseMarketing Cloud – Reseller Insights Fees
Social Studio (Listen & Engage) – ProSocial Studio (SS101 VC)
Social Studio (Publish, Listen & Engage) – AgencySocial Intelligence Module
Social Studio (Publish, Listen & Engage) – AgencySocial Studio – Automate – Agency
Social Studio (Publish, Listen & Engage) – CorporateSocial Studio – Automate – Basic
Social Studio (Publish, Listen & Engage) – EnterpriseSocial Studio – Automate – Pro
Command CenterSocial Studio – 50,000 Additional Mentions
Command Center StandaloneSocial Studio – Additional TP & 1M Mentions – Agency
Social Studio – Premium Data – ChinaSocial Studio – Automate – Additional Actions
Social Studio – Premium Data – China – AgencySocial Studio – Automate – Additional Actions – Agency
Social Studio – 1,000 Additional Einstein Vision ImagesSocial Studio – Insights Credits
Social Studio – Einstein VisionSocial Studio – Insights Credits – Agency
Social Studio – Review AccountsSocial Studio – Social Accounts
Social Studio – Additional Topic ProfilesSocial Studio – Social Accounts – Agency
Social Studio – Additional UsersSocial Customer Service Pro
Social Studio – Additional Users – AgencySocial Studio – Customer Service Pro
Social Studio – 1 Million Additional Mentions 

What does this change mean for me? 

Starting November 18, 2024, or the end of your contract, whichever comes sooner, you will no longer be able to access the Social Studio application, and all associated customer data will be deleted once your contract ends in accordance with our Trust and Compliance Documentation.  If the Order Term for your Marketing Cloud Social Studio Product(s) extends beyond November 18, 2024, Salesforce will reach out to you directly to discuss your options.  

What action do I take before November 18, 2024?

Salesforce recommends retrieving your Social Studio data at least 90 days before the Order End Date of your Marketing Cloud Social Studio Product(s) or November 18, 2024, whichever is sooner.  Refer to the steps in Salesforce Help:  Social Studio Data Extracts

Are there products similar to Social Studio you can recommend?

Contact your AE or Tectonic rep to discuss potential third-party alternative products that provide functionality similar to the Marketing Cloud Social Studio Products. 

If you have more questions, open a case with Support via Salesforce Help. To view all current and past retirements, see Salesforce Product & Feature Retirements.

Marketing Cloud Social Studio Retirement

To read about the Salesforce approach to retirements, read our Product & Feature Retirement Philosophy.

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