Salesforce has secured a patent for a group-based communication interface designed to facilitate efficient communication within and across different channels. The patented method involves users selecting multiple channels through graphical identifiers on the interface and posting messages across those chosen channels. Group-Based Messaging With Graphical Identifier Actuators.

According to GlobalData’s company profile on Salesforce, social media analytics emerged as a key area of innovation from their patents. As of February 2024, Salesforce’s grant share stands at 69%, calculated based on the ratio of granted patents to the total number of patents.

Group-Based Messaging With Graphical Identifier Actuators Patent Granted

One of the recently granted patents (Publication Number: US11923998B2) describes a method, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for posting messages across multiple channels within a communication system. This method includes receiving a user’s message posting request, displaying channel identifiers on the interface, allowing users to select multiple channels, and subsequently posting the message across those selected channels. The apparatus consists of a processor, memory, and executable instructions stored in the computer-readable medium to carry out the method.

The Patent

Additionally, the patent outlines further features such as message updating across channels, receiving requests via web browsers or software applications, and ensuring user authorization for channel access. The innovation aims to streamline communication processes by enabling users to efficiently share messages across various channels within the communication system. This patent represents a significant advancement in improving user experience and interaction within digital communication platforms.

What could be coming next from Salesforce?

Group-Based Messaging With Graphical Identifier Actuators

1. An apparatus comprising at least one processor and at least one non-transitory memory comprising program code, the at least one non-transitory memory and the program code configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus to at least:

  • receive, by one or more servers of a group-based communication platform and from a client of a first user of a plurality of first users associated with a first organization, a first communication comprising a first request to generate a shared communication channel on the group-based communication platform and make the shared communication channel accessible to a plurality of client devices associated with the plurality of first users, wherein the first user is associated with one or more administrative privileges;

    based at least in part on the first communication, generate, by the one or more servers, the shared communication channel;

    receive, by the one or more servers and from the client, a second communication comprising a second request to provide access to the shared communication channel to at least one second user associated with a second organization;

    based at least in part on the second communication, provide, by the one or more servers, the access to the shared communication channel to the at least one second user associated with the second organization; and

    cause rendering of a message communication with a graphical indicator within a shared communication channel interface associated with the shared communication channel, wherein the graphical indicator indicates that the message communication is associated with the first organization.
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