Fields on objects represent the details of each object and are analogous to columns in a database table. Each field on each object has one or more of the following properties:

AggregatableCan be used by one of the SOQL aggregate functions.
AutonumberThe API creates an autonumber.
CreateValue for the field can be specified during create using the API.
Defaulted on createIf no other value is specified when created, a default value is supplied.
DeleteValue for the field can be deleted using the API.
FilterCan be used as filter criteria in a SOQL query FROM or WHERE clause.
GroupCan be included in the GROUP BY clause of a SOQL query (true) or not (false). Available in API version 18.0 and later.
idLookupCan be used to specify a record in an upsert call. The Id field of each object has this property and some Name fields. There are exceptions, so check for the property in any object you wish to upsert.
NamepointingIndicates whether the field’s value is the Name of the parent of this object (true) or not (false). Used for objects whose parents can be more than one type of object. For example, a task can have an account or a contact as a parent.
NillableThe field can contain a null value.
QueryThe field can be queried with SOQL using the API.
Restricted picklistA picklist whose values are restricted to those values defined by a Salesforce admin. Users can’t load unapproved values through the API.
RetrieveValue of the field can be retrieved using the API.
SortIndicates whether a query can sort on this field (true) or not (false).
UpdateCan be updated using the API.
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