Elevate Your Commerce Store Experience with Commerce Einstein

Transform your commerce store with the advanced capabilities of Commerce Einstein, which includes features like Goals and Recommendations, the Commerce Concierge bot, Smart Promotions, and SEO-optimized meta tags. Salesforce Einstein Commerce,

Enhance Store Performance with Goals and Recommendations

Achieve key performance objectives for your store such as increased site conversion, higher site traffic, and greater average order value. Utilize an intuitive framework powered by AI recommendations to implement intelligent actions quickly and efficiently, facilitating the setup and growth of your store. Track progress with insights from Data Cloud. This feature is available for B2B Commerce and D2C Commerce in the Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions. Access it through the Goals and Recommendations option in the Commerce App Navigation menu.

Optimize Shopping Experience with the Commerce Concierge Bot

Enhance the shopping experience by providing conversational product recommendations and reordering capabilities with the Commerce Concierge bot. Build a new bot using the Commerce Concierge template to connect your store to a new Einstein bot, or upgrade an existing bot with new Commerce Concierge bot blocks. This allows customers to authenticate, manage multiple accounts, reorder, and utilize Einstein’s generative AI features.

Craft Intelligent Promotions with Einstein

Create promotions effortlessly using Einstein and reliable data from Commerce Cloud. Employ natural language instructions and generative AI to quickly generate both simple and advanced promotions, making your promotional efforts smarter and more effective.

Enhance SEO with Einstein Meta Tags

Boost your SEO performance by using Einstein’s generative AI to create Page Title Tags and Page Meta Descriptions for products. This enriches search engines with relevant information, improving your store’s visibility. Alternatively, you can manually create and manage page meta tags through the SEO tab on a product record.

Salesforce Einstein Commerce

Reduce Return Rates with Einstein Return Insights

Analyze return reasons to refine product listings and minimize return rates. Einstein helps you identify up to 20 high return-rate products and provides analyzed and categorized return reasons, enabling you to make strategic improvements.

Facilitate Product Discovery with AI-Powered Search (Generally Available)

Improve your customers’ product discovery experience with Einstein semantic search. Using natural language processing, this feature interprets queries to deliver relevant results, accommodating synonyms, alternative spellings, typos, and more. For example, it matches terms like “couch” and “sofa” or “jumper” and “sweater,” aligning with the searcher’s intent.

Enhance your commerce store with these innovative features from Commerce Einstein to drive growth, improve customer experience, and optimize operational efficiency.

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