Introducing the Marketing Cloud Package Manager

Enhance efficiency, scale best practices, and expedite time-to-value by bundling tailored solutions for your company or industry, effortlessly deploying them across diverse environments using Marketing Cloud Package Manager.  You can even deploy assets from one business unit to another.

Salesforce has continuously refined, upgraded, and enriched the deployment options for Package Manager over the past year.

Updates to Package Manager

Marketing Cloud Package Manager now facilitates the packaging and deployment of automations containing import activities utilizing subscriber lists. Optimize the inclusion of images in packaged solutions by configuring them as reference URLs, eliminating the need to store them individually within the package. Monitor the deployment progress with the newly introduced progress bar, providing real-time insights into the completion timeline. Additionally, shared data extensions are now usable for packaging items, and users with Journey Builder access can package journey templates using Package Manager.

Enhancements to Marketing Cloud Package Manager

Package Manager ensures automatic inclusion of in-app messages when packaging a journey. Furthermore, any content referenced by the ContentBlockByName AMPscript function is seamlessly integrated into your package. Significant performance improvements have been implemented for package deployment, specifically for attribute group and attribute set creation and updates.

Industry Solutions Templates in Package Manager

Industry Solutions represent meticulously crafted campaign templates featuring industry-specific journeys, content, automations, landing pages, and more, facilitating accelerated workflows for marketers. These templates are designed to streamline Marketing Cloud setup times and accommodate various instances for distinct business units.

Available solutions encompass:

  • Auto Account Onboarding
  • Auto End of Lease Re-Engagement
  • Auto Service Reminder
  • Retail Abandoned Cart
  • Retail Post Purchase

Retail Re-Engagement

How to Deploy: To initiate the solution deployment process in Package Manager, navigate to the Industry Solutions tab. Choose the relevant solution, and with a simple click, deploy the chosen solution for seamless integration into your Marketing Cloud environment.

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