A Salesforce project manager is a skilled professional specializing in planning, maintaining accountability, and efficiently managing resources to successfully deliver projects for clients. Their penchant for organization is complemented by the adept use of project management software to meticulously plan and execute tasks.

A Salesforce Project Manager takes on the responsibility of overseeing Salesforce projects from initiation to completion across various Salesforce ‘clouds’ and diverse levels of complexity. Their primary focus is on ensuring the project’s success, meeting deadlines, and staying within budget constraints.

The role of a Salesforce Project Manager encompasses a spectrum of responsibilities, ranging from typical organizational tasks and technical expertise to demanding work that requires emotional intelligence, tact, effective communication, and a myriad of other ‘soft’ skills.

Differentiating by experience levels, the responsibilities and expectations for Salesforce Project Managers are delineated as follows:

Entry-level project manager (0-2 years experience, possibly up to 5 years):

  • Manages projects with a budget/cost under 10k.
  • Handles up to 7-10 small projects simultaneously.
  • Dedicates around 4-6 hours per week per project for pure project management tasks.

Mid-level (5-7 years experience, possibly up to 10 years):

  • Manages projects with a budget/cost ranging from 50K to 100k.
  • Handles 4-6 projects simultaneously.
  • Invests around 10-20 hours per week per project, dependent on project load and roster size.

Senior project manager (10+ years experience):

  • Manages projects with a budget/cost ranging from 100k to 1M£+.
  • Handles 1-2 projects simultaneously.
  • Allocates around 20-40 hours (full time) based on project size.

The specific responsibilities of a Project Manager vary based on the project’s size and the manager’s technical proficiency. In the Salesforce domain, familiarity with the Salesforce platform enhances their versatility. A top-notch Salesforce Project Manager excels in managing projects across Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce1, demonstrating robust hands-on capabilities as a Salesforce expert.

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