Salesforce CMS

Salesforce Summer 24 CMS Release. Clone any content type and its variants, add an API name when you create an enhanced CMS workspace and content, and work with CMS content previews.

Salesforce Summer 24 CMS Release

  • Save Time with Content Record Cloning in Your Enhanced CMS Workspace
    Instead of creating a content record from scratch, make copies of an existing content record of any content type—and its variants—in enhanced CMS workspaces. Organize content into folders, then edit cloned content for quick reuse.
  • Preview Custom Content Types in Enhanced CMS Workspaces
    Preview custom content types on your enhanced LWR site without leaving your enhanced CMS workspace. Preview custom content types before or after you publish, and change the view mode from desktop to mobile devices to see how the content appears for your site visitors. Previously, you could preview only news, document, or image content.
  • Preview CMS Content as a Guest or Authenticated User
    To see how your CMS content looks for a broad audience, preview it as a guest user. With this preview option, CMS workspace contributors can preview content on a site even when they aren’t contributors to that site. To see your content as a customer who’s logged in, preview it as an authenticated user.
  • Secure Linked Sources in Salesforce CMS Content with Trusted URLs
    Salesforce’s strict content security policy (CSP) rules help prevent code injection attacks. Now, when you create CMS content and insert a source image file with an external link, you must add the domain of the hosted image to your org’s trusted URL list. This way, Salesforce CMS users can preview the linked image content and other content types that reference these images, such as a news item with a banner image.
  • Add an API Name to New Enhanced CMS Workspaces and Content
    You can now use API names as a developer-friendly way to identify new enhanced CMS workspaces and CMS content. The API Name field is required when you create a new enhanced CMS workspace. It’s not required for content, but if you leave it blank, Salesforce creates an API name for you. In Summer ’24, after you save the workspace or content, you can’t change its API name.
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