Rochester Electronics, a prominent global semiconductor distributor and manufacturer, has long relied on various Salesforce solutions, including Slack and Sales Cloud. Recently, their sales team adopted Slack Sales Elevate, a dedicated sales workspace that seamlessly integrates Sales Cloud with Slack. This integration aims to enhance efficiency and collaboration among sales professionals by centralizing Salesforce insights and automating opportunity tasks.


Previously, Rochester Electronics faced challenges such as administrative burdens, communication gaps, and the manual extraction of insights from Sales Cloud into disparate tools. These obstacles hindered effective collaboration on deals and the timely execution of opportunities. There was also a pressing need for sales leaders to gain real-time visibility into deal progress to drive customer success effectively.


With the implementation of Sales Elevate, Rochester Electronics has transformed its sales operations:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Sales teams now collaborate more effectively on deals, streamline processes, and access CRM insights directly within Slack, their primary workspace.
  • Efficiency Gains: Updates to key metrics within the personalized sales workspace in Slack seamlessly sync with Salesforce, saving valuable time for the team.
  • Real-time Insights: Sales executives receive deal notifications and real-time insights, empowering them to act swiftly and strategically within Slack conversations, thereby ensuring alignment and informed decision-making.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Field representatives leverage Sales Elevate to maintain a comprehensive view of their opportunities while on the move. They manage pipeline data from any device, staying connected with account teams and accelerating deal progression.
  • Cross-functional Collaboration: The sales team collaborates seamlessly with product, pricing, and business operations teams. These teams access relevant account information directly in Slack, facilitating better decision-making and more efficient collaboration on quotes and deal advancement.

Overall, Sales Elevate has enabled Rochester Electronics to optimize sales processes, improve collaboration across teams, and enhance real-time visibility into deal progression, ultimately driving greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Customer perspective: “Slack Sales Elevate is a game changer for our business and our customers. Our team is now able to work more collaboratively on opportunities and projects, increasing the speed of response, while also allowing me and other leaders to communicate greater efficiency and effectiveness,” said Colin Strother, Executive Vice President, Rochester Electronics

  • “For example, proactive deal notifications ensure that the team has actionable intelligence at their fingertips, so we can close deals faster and easier,” Strother continued.
  • “Our industry is high-tech and fast-paced, and our customers are already reporting a significant increase in our speed of response, enabling them to better drive their businesses forward. And I’m able to use team metrics to understand what’s happening in real time as I travel globally, allowing me to respond quickly to critical business issues and customer needs,” he concluded.

Slack Sales Elevate is a game changer for our business and our customers.

Colin Strother, Executive Vice President, Rochester Electronics
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