Summer ’24 is approaching fast! Discover the latest enhancements in Flow Builder, such as the Automation App, Action Button (beta), and more. Dive into Be Release Ready for additional resources to help you prepare for Summer ’24.

Curious to see these features in action? Join Salesforce product manager Sam Reynard and me as we showcase some of these capabilities live on the May 30 episode of “Automate This!”

Summer 24 Release Flow Enhancements

Screen Flows

Summer ’24 introduces significant advancements in screen flow functionality, including the general availability (GA) of the Repeater component and the new Action Button, enabling dynamic and responsive screens.

Create Multiple Records with Repeaters (GA)

One of the most anticipated screen flow features is now generally available! With Repeaters, you can effortlessly create multiple records on a single screen. For instance, use a Repeater component to gather information about beneficiaries on an insurance policy. Users can add as many beneficiaries as needed during the flow execution.

The Repeater component now supports most standard GA screen components as child components. Additionally, Repeaters offer features like conditional field visibility, input validation, and help text, providing enhanced flexibility and usability.

Amplify Reactive Screens with Action Buttons (beta)

Integrate an Action Button component into your screen to execute an autolaunched flow, fetching and making data available for other screen components. This empowers you to create truly dynamic single-page applications.

The Action Button enables various use cases, such as generating data tables based on selected parent records, retrieving external data for user selection, creating dependent picklist fields, or summarizing record selections.

Set Conditional Disabled and Read-Only States

Conditionally disable or set components to read-only mode to protect users from interacting with specific fields based on business logic. This feature enhances form usability and ensures data integrity by preventing unwanted modifications.

Address Component Improvements

Enhancements to the Address component include Google Address Lookup, reactive options for field requirements and disabling, and proper support for State and Country picklists.

Reactivity Improvements

Reactive components like Collection Choice Sets and Display Text now offer enhanced capabilities, improving the responsiveness and usability of screen flows.

Flow Builder Enhancements

Transform Element (GA)

Seamlessly map and optimize data with the Transform element, replacing loops and optimizing flow performance significantly.

Update Existing Records with Matching Criteria

When creating records, specify matching criteria to update existing records instead of creating duplicates, improving data quality.

Is Blank and Is Empty Operators

Easily check for Null or Empty values with the new Is Blank and Is Empty operators, simplifying logic and improving flow readability.

Flow Management

Automation App

Manage flows efficiently through a dedicated Lightning app, offering advanced filtering, searching, and list view creation capabilities.


Enhancements include default values and placeholder text for Invocable Actions, and the new Lock/Unlock Record action.

Improved User Experience

Actions and Subflow configuration now reside in a side panel, featuring UX improvements like displaying full Apex class names.

Schedule-Triggered Flows

Debug scheduled flows with specific records, enhancing debugging capabilities and flexibility.

Flow Orchestration

Pause, resume, and recover failed orchestration runs, and create orchestration run dashboards for better visibility and management.

The Summer ’24 release brings a wealth of new features to Flow Builder, empowering admins and developers to create powerful, responsive, and dynamic experiences for users. Stay tuned for more insights on these enhancements in upcoming blog posts and webinars!

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