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Contact Builder is responsible for aggregating customer data from multiple source into a single customer view, known as the contact model in marketing cloud. For more information refer to the official documentation. Audience Builder is a segmentation tool, that abstracts the traditional SQL process for building segments and allows marketers to build segments by dragging and dropping them. For more information, please refer to the the documentation. Contact Builder has been moved to the Audience Builder tab

Audience Builder Contact Builder

Contact Builder, formerly known as Audience Builder, is a robust tool within Marketing Cloud designed to manage data associated with contacts, referred to as ‘people’ records. This platform provides access to both demographic and behavioral information, which is organized into ‘attribute groups’ (such as abandoned carts), ‘events,’ and ‘populations,’ allowing for efficient segmentation of data.

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Utilizing Marketing Cloud Audience Builder

What is Audience Builder in Marketing Cloud? Utilizing Marketing Cloud Audience Builder. Audience Builder in Marketing Cloud dynamically generates targeted audiences from stored contact data, utilizing both attribute and behavioral values. These audiences can then be leveraged to either target specific contacts or exclude them from various activities within Marketing Cloud Engagement. Key Features and

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