Salesforce data recovery service update: Due to extensive customer feedback in the early part of last year, we Salesforce reintroduced their Salesforce Data Recovery Service. During that time, we learned that many of you depended on this functionality for your backup and restore strategy, as there were no other Salesforce native capabilities available.

Salesforce backup and restore

We are thrilled to share that in the fall of 2021, we unveiled Salesforce Backup and Restore, an evolution of Salesforce Data Recovery service developed natively on the Salesforce Platform. These services have been collaboratively designed with our customers, aiming to deliver the performance, speed, and scale that you have come to expect from the platform. Simultaneously, we are committed to offering additional opportunities for innovation and extension of these capabilities through our vibrant ecosystem. Backup and Restore not only serves as a replacement for the Salesforce Data Recovery Service but also goes beyond, providing a straightforward, refined point-and-click interface for creating and managing backups and restores tailored to your business needs.

Furthermore, Salesforce AppExchange remains the go-to platform for a diverse partner ecosystem that offers robust backup and restore solutions for our customers. You can find a list of AppExchange partners providing these solutions here.

Given the availability of both native and partner solutions to our entire customer base, we have officially retired Data Recovery Service.

Salesforce data recovery service
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