How do you Use Outcome Management to Create and Measure Your Public Sector Solutions Impact Strategy?

Recenter your focus on constituents in the public sector by embracing Outcome Management.

Assess whether your constituent programs attain their intended outcomes and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. Leverage Outcome Management alongside Public Sector Solutions to formulate a strategy for instigating change. Collect data, monitor progress, and assess program effectiveness using actionable data.

For instance, scrutinize the number of homeless individuals finding shelter through a housing grant, adjusting program parameters for enhanced outcomes. Monitor the academic advancement of children in publicly funded early childhood learning and development programs. Outcome Management allows you to track the success of your programs, ensuring they align with planned deliveries.

Outcome Management serves as an impact measurement tool that consolidates an organization’s outcome strategy, defining, measuring, and evaluating it in a unified platform.

What is outcome-based planning?

Outcome-based planning represents an adaptive and customer-centric project management approach, emphasizing the attainment of desired results over traditional roadmaps’ limitations, such as inflexibility and output-centricity.

Incorporate indicator results to gauge progress against time-bound targets and baseline values. Utilize results to store aggregated values from assessments, program enrollments, benefit disbursements, and other data sources.

What is the meaning of outcome management?

Outcome management is a client-centric service delivery approach, prioritizing the results clients aim to achieve over merely focusing on available services. It encourages collaboration, allowing agencies to leverage expertise both within and outside the organization.

What does outcome management deal with?

Outcome Management strategically ensures initiatives align with departmental and governmental outcomes, aiming to achieve the intended results.

“In these days in an experience-driven world, customer success is really key to making that customer experience as seamless as possible and developing trusted relationships and customer intimacy. The market is slowly coming to realize that.”

Neeracha Taychakhoonnavudh, EVP of Global Customer Success at Salesforce

What is an outcome-focused approach?

Outcome-focused care tailors medical interventions and support services to achieve desired outcomes, such as promoting independence, improving quality of life, and enhancing overall well-being.

Outcome Management Public Sector Solutions Revolutionize Impact

Outcome Management revolutionizes impact measurement, providing a comprehensive platform to define, measure, and evaluate organizational outcome strategies. Set time-bound targets and baseline values, consistently measure indicators across outcomes or programs, and organize outcomes into groups reflecting organizational strategy.

Outcome Management Public Sector Solutions

Track and steer desired change with Outcomes, connecting them to efforts like programs or benefits. Utilize Impact Strategies and Impact Strategy Assignments to group Outcomes, presenting your entire strategy cohesively. Indicators define how outcomes are measured, building a library for consistent impact measurement across various aspects of your work. Use time-bound indicator performance periods to track progress from the starting point to your intended goal.

If using outcome management to better create and measure your public sector solutions, contact Tectonic today.

By Tectonic’s Salesforce Marketing Consultant, Shannan Hearne

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