Pardot’s evolution (rebranded to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) is a B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing automation solution that was created by David Cummings and Adam Blitzer in 2007. It was purchased by ExactTarget in 2012 and then was finally acquired by Salesforce in 2013.

“Pardot” in Latvian means “to market or sell,” which illustrates its main purpose best. It helps companies build meaningful connections, generate more robust pipelines, and empower sales teams to close more deals faster.

Pardot's evolution

In 2018 Salesforce built the Pardot Lightning App to align better marketing and sales activities and easily integrate Pardot with another Salesforce product – Sales Cloud. Another Pardot evolution.

In the same year, Salesforce launched another product version – Pardot Einstein. It is powered up with AI (Artificial Intelligence) features for:

  • Comprehensive marketing insights,
  • Advanced audience segmentation,
  • Powerful lead scoring,
  • Lead trends analysis.

Pardot Add-On Products:

  • Salesforce Engage,
  • B2B Marketing Analytics Plus,
  • Engagement History Dashboards.

Pardot’s Evolution continues at Salesforce.

Pardot (also known as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) is a marketing automation and lead generation tool from Salesforce. It helps marketers identify prospective customers and convert them into actual customers.

Pardot has more advanced features for launching and managing email marketing campaigns as well as some social media functionalities, although it doesn’t cover all social platforms. In addition, Pardot includes lead scoring as a standard feature that Salesforce Marketing Cloud doesn’t provide.

Content updated April 2022 to reflect name change.

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