Discover the solution to your marketing challenges with Programmatic ABM, also known as 1:Many Account Based Marketing, where technology scales reach and personalization for a larger number of accounts.

In the challenge of winning customers and expanding your base, the traditional approach of casting a wide net and hoping for success falls short. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) emerged as a strategic alternative, focusing on specific high-value accounts through tailored campaigns and personalized messaging. Different types of ABM can be applied based on business goals, needs, and resources.

1 to Many ABM

1:Many ABM, or Programmatic ABM, represents the least intensive form. It targets a large number of accounts simultaneously, relying on technology and automation with tools like Salesforce and Einstein AI. While campaigns and content are not individually tailored, they address a larger group with similar characteristics, categorized based on industry, size, location, goals, needs, and challenges. 

This approach proves beneficial for businesses aiming to reach a broad audience on a limited budget, as it demands fewer resources and offers cost-effectiveness.  Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, formerly Pardot, is a great tool for 1 to many account based marketing.

Characterized by targeting 100 to 1000+ accounts, 1:Many ABM exhibits low personalization compared to other ABM types. Resources needed are generally low to moderate, given the automated nature of campaigns. The team structure may not require an ABM strategist but will need content writers and integration/analytics experts. As the most cost-effective option, it suits businesses on a limited budget.

Use Cases

Use cases for 1:Many ABM encompass lead and demand generation, entry into new markets or product promotion, and educating potential customers. It proves effective in campaigns designed to attract new leads, launch products, or provide information to move potential customers down the sales funnel.

An exemplary 1:Many ABM campaign executed by DocuSign involved a targeted display ad campaign for over 450 enterprise accounts. The campaign ran across six different industries. The ad messaging and content were customized based on industry and the customer’s buying stage. Thus aiming to boost website traffic, improve click-through rates, and increase meaningful customer conversations.

If you are ready to explore Salesforce Account Engagement and 1 to many account based marketing, contact Tectonic today.

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