Exploring new roles in generative AI – 12 new roles to dive into

For those intrigued by the possibilities of AI, here are twelve emerging roles to keep an eye on—some already in existence (albeit in early stages), and others envisioned by experts like Berthy for the near future. Could one of these roles be in your career trajectory?

  • Prompt Engineer
    • Description: Excel at crafting prompts for AI tools, guiding generative AI products like GPT or chatbots to deliver accurate and desired results.
  • AI Trainer
    • Description: Works behind the scenes to ensure an AI algorithm functions as intended, preparing robust datasets to teach chatbots to think and interact more naturally with users.
  • AI Learning Designer
    • Description: With the rapid evolution of AI technology, these professionals optimize large-scale personal learning, training individuals on AI systems and refining learning methods.
  • AI Instructor
    • Description: With increasing AI adoption, this role involves teaching employees how to use AI technologies, developing curriculum, and leading classes to enhance AI education.
  • Sentiment Analyzer
    • Description: Analyzes sentiments in data from various sources, such as social media or product feedback, using sentiment analysis programs to determine positivity, negativity, or neutrality.
  • Stitcher
    • Description: A generalist leveraging AI to combine diverse skills into one role, rapidly stitching together modular software tools to create unique value for customers.
  • Interpersonal Coach
    • Description: Assists individuals in a digital-first world working with AI to acquire basic interpersonal skills like relational intelligence, empathy, active listening, and connecting in face-to-face interactions.
  • Workflow Optimizer
    • Description: Utilizes data and intelligence to provide a holistic view across a company, identifying areas where AI can enhance productivity, reviewing how teams work, and highlighting efficiency gaps.
  • AI Compliance Manager
    • Description: Ensures AI processes within an organization comply with global regulations, ethical standards, and industry guidelines, aligning data-handling practices with privacy laws.
  • AI Security Manager
    • Description: Safeguards against improper use, vulnerabilities, and security threats related to AI technology, playing a crucial role in ensuring responsible AI usage.
  • Chief AI Officer (CAIO)
    • Description: A newly emerging C-suite role, the CAIO sets the overall AI strategy for an organization, focusing on responsible and ethical design, development, and implementation of AI technologies.
  • Chief Data and Analytics Officer (CDAO)
    • Description: Overseeing all aspects of data and analytics in a company, this role, sometimes split into Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Chief Analytics Officer (CAO), ensures effective management of data resources.
Roles in AI
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