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Salesforce AppExchange

What is the Salesforce AppExchange?

The Salesforce AppExchange is a robust enterprise cloud marketplace, adept at swiftly addressing unique business challenges for organizations of any size, department, or industry.   The AppExchange is a marketplace where third-party developers can list their apps for Salesforce users to browse and install. Some are free to use and some have a charge. But all

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salesforce chatter app

Salesforce Hashtags in Chatter

In Salesforce Chatter, using hashtags serves several purposes, enhancing collaboration and content organization within the platform. Here are some reasons why users might use hashtags in Chatter: Remember that the effectiveness of hashtags in Chatter relies on users adopting and consistently using them. Encouraging a common understanding of hashtag usage and promoting their benefits can

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A World Series Lesson for Your Business

The Houston Astros won the World Series last night.  The first time the organization has won the World Series since the club was established in 1962.  Since its foundation, the organization has an aggregate won-loss record of less than .500, and more recently been perennial losers and bottom dwellers. Jim Crane, a successful billionaire entrepreneur,

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Connected Culture

How To Build a Connected Culture

Building a connected culture has become increasingly important because mobile devices and applications have changed the landscape of the IT world. No longer are business users tied to their desks or offices. They can be productive anywhere, thus the content must be updated much more quickly. Reports don’t take weeks to compile, nor do they

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What is Advanced Reporting in Salesforce?

Cross Filters, Summary Formulas, and More: Advanced Reporting in Salesforce Salesforce comes with report types out-of-the-box for all standard objects and standard object relationships eg. “Contacts & Accounts” or “Opportunities with Products”. You can view a list of report types when creating a new report. For the custom objects we build, Salesforce also creates report

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Salesforce Government Cloud

Salesforce Government Cloud: Ensuring Compliance and Security

Salesforce Government Cloud public sector solutions offer dedicated instances known as Government Cloud Plus and Government Cloud Plus – Defense. These instances are built on Salesforce Customer 360, featuring both Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings. Key Features: Scale and Secure Apps on a Compliant Government Cloud: Government Cloud Plus for Public Sector: Unique Aspects

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