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Salesforce Administrator Acronyms

Here is a helpful glossary of Salesforce administrator acronyms you will hear your Salesforce Administrator use. Salesforce Administrator Acronyms Acronym Meaning Defintion CMT Custom Metadata Types With custom metadata types, admins and developers have the ability to create their own configuration and application metadata, deploy it, and then update it as needed. CRED Create, Read,

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public sector and tribal governent

What is BI in Salesforce?

Salesforce BI helps to create fast, digestible reports to help you make informed decisions at the right time. Salesforce Einstein is a leading business intelligence software solution that will help streamline your operations. Read on in this insight to learn how Salesforce BI capabilities including Tableau rank in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Make the right

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marketing cloud audience builder

Utilizing Marketing Cloud Audience Builder

What is Audience Builder in Marketing Cloud? Utilizing Marketing Cloud Audience Builder. Audience Builder in Marketing Cloud dynamically generates targeted audiences from stored contact data, utilizing both attribute and behavioral values. These audiences can then be leveraged to either target specific contacts or exclude them from various activities within Marketing Cloud Engagement. Key Features and

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio Explained

Advertising Studio serves as a conduit to digital advertising platforms such as Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, expanding your outreach beyond email and mobile messages. Integrated seamlessly through Journey Builder, this Salesforce product facilitates the incorporation of these platforms into your marketing campaigns. Unlike an isolated tool, Salesforce Advertising Studio is a product that

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Salesforce Action Plans

Salesforce Action Plans Explained

An action plan defines the tasks and other items needed to complete a business process. Each task has a priority, a number of days in which it must be completed, and a person who is responsible for its completion. Action plans are created from action plan templates, which allow you to capture repeatable tasks. Users

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