Navigating the Complex Landscape of Healthcare Marketing and ABM

By Tectonic Salesforce Marketing Consultant, Shannan Hearne

Marketing healthcare products and services, particularly within the health information technology domain, poses intricate challenges that demand sophisticated solutions. Tectonic and I address these challenges by aiding healthcare marketers in personalizing their strategies, simultaneously reaching diverse key stakeholders, and ensuring compliance with state-specific regulations.  Alignment through account based marketing provides a data-driven strategy that aligns both teams and initiatives with a personal, relevant, and interactive approach.

A powerful solution to these challenges is the adoption of an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. This approach leverages real-time data, content, inbound and outbound methods to target key accounts and decision-makers, ensuring compliance. ABM proves particularly effective in engaging high-value hospitals and integrated delivery networks.  Account Based Marketing allows you to identify and target your highest potential deals.

By utilizing an account based marketing approach, healthcare companies can effectively reach and interact with key decision makers, driving better results and ROI.

What if you could speed up the velocity of your healthcare sales cycle and improve the results of your B2B marketing strategy? ABM can help you do just that. Think of it like a close the deal pass to engaging (and winning) high-value prospects.  Personalized marketing efforts are the practice of hand-crafting marketing messages to the needs and wants of an individual or group.  This can include personalized email campaigns, direct mail, and customized content and messages on landing pages.

Implementing ABM in healthcare and life sciences requires marketers to identify their target audience based on parameters such as business size, profitability, region, growth rate, and the traits of their most profitable customers. Crafting an ideal customer profile (ICP) prevents wasteful efforts on unprofitable or unattainable accounts.

Enhancing engagement through ABM campaigns involves investing in sales enablement tools, including cloud-based CRMs, APIs, email marketing technology, and digital asset management. The integration of digital marketing systems into daily processes facilitates personalized advertising, fostering buyer engagement, trust, and customer loyalty.  The Salesforce ecosystem of sales and marketing platforms is the preferred choice of Tectonic and many healthcare organizations. 

Successful ABM implementation hinges on the ability to track the customer’s buying journey for both prospective and current clients. ABM analytics, encompassing overall account engagement and website lift metrics, refine marketing and sales outreach, generate high-quality leads, and spur new growth. ABM emerges as a highly effective marketing strategy to land ideal healthcare customers, empowering healthcare marketers to overcome the industry’s complex challenges.

Account based marketing outperforms other marketing investments 87% of the time.  A 97% higher return on investment resulting in incorporating account based marketing is attainable in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

I look forward to working with your Tectonic Salesforce Implementation team to incorporate account based marketing into your overall investment in Salesforce.

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