Advertising Studio in Salesforce Marketing Cloud excels at re-engaging inactive users, uncovering new prospects, and achieving success in contemporary advertising. Here are the key benefits and workings of Advertising Studio:

Benefits of Advertising Studio:

Similar to other products in Salesforce’s suite, Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio provides seamless cross-platform data access and robust data security. With Advertising Studio, you can:

  • Create highly personalized, one-to-one advertising campaigns.
  • Automate lead transfers from social media to Salesforce.
  • Identify and target lookalike audiences on social media.
  • Collect and leverage more customer data through cross-channel advertising.
  • Build cross-channel journeys to extend the reach of email campaigns.
  • Re-engage inactive email subscribers.

Before diving into the details, it’s crucial to grasp the overarching functionality of Advertising Studio.

How Advertising Studio Works:

Advertising Studio establishes a secure API connection to ad accounts, allowing the feeding of customer data for building advertising audiences. The process involves:

  1. Setting up a secure API connection to relevant ad accounts.
  2. Uploading hashed customer data (e.g., email addresses) for matching users on the ad network.
  3. Featuring the processed audience on the ad network as channel-specific assets for targeted advertising campaigns.

Connecting Marketing Cloud and an ad network requires authorization from a Marketing Cloud user who is also an admin on the ad accounts. If this admin is not an Advertising Studio user, alternative solutions involve providing login credentials or ad account access, potentially using remote screen sharing services if needed.

Setting Up Salesforce Advertising Studio:

  1. Account Configuration:
    • Define Studio users and their access levels.
    • Document changes in Marketing Cloud.
  2. Assign/Edit User Roles:
    • Create users, edit roles, and enable API settings.
    • Assign roles based on security considerations.
  3. Add Social Accounts:
    • Add ad accounts for chosen social media platforms.
    • Connect accounts in the Advertising Audience Administration tab.
    • Manage and create audiences in the Overview tab.

While the setup may seem intricate initially, Salesforce experts can guide users through the process successfully.

Principal Components of Ad Studio (Salesforce):

  1. Advertising Audiences:
    • Build audiences on various social media platforms.
    • Integrate and update customer data from digital channels.
    • Acquire new audiences, re-engage users, synchronize email and advertising, and deliver personalized experiences.
  2. Journey Builder Advertising:
    • Create Facebook advertising campaigns within the Studio.
    • Build cross-channel journeys and synchronize email, mobile, and Facebook advertising.
    • Launch campaigns directly from the Journey Builder interface.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Studios, such as Advertising Studio, manage content and specific marketing channels, while Builders, like Journey Builder, handle data and campaign automation. Advertising Studio emerges as a comprehensive solution for marketers, offering cross-channel advertising and effective data management capabilities.

Content updated August 2023.

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