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Introduced in the January 2021 Marketing Cloud release, Datorama reports replace the Discover Reporting Tool. These reports, available as an app in Marketing Cloud with a Datorama account created in the background, offer pre-built dashboards, making campaign and journey reporting more straightforward.

Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud is a new way to generate, view, and share a detailed analysis of your Email and Journey campaign level data.

How do I create a report in Datorama?

Create a Dashboard Report

  • From Analytics Builder, select Intelligence [Datorama] Reports.
  • Select the Reports tab.
  • Click Create New Report.
  • Define your General details. …
  • Define your Configuration details, and select the dashboard page for which you’re creating the report.

What is the difference between Datorama and intelligence reports?

Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud, now called Intelligence Reports for Engagement, is a tool for generating, visualizing, and sharing in-depth analytics on email, push, and journey campaign data. It is worth noting that no data is shown at the subscriber or event level.

Create a Standard Report in Analytics Builder

  • Navigate to Analytics Builder and click Reports.
  • Click View Catalog for a list of available standard report templates.
  • Click Create next to the report you want to run.
  • Set report parameters. …
  • Click Submit.
  • Select an export or save option and complete the required fields.

Does Datorama use SQL?

Datorama is an AI Dashboard for Digital Marketers

Datorama is an effective dashboarding tool but does not offer data warehousing or a SQL workbench, and users may find it an expensive option considering its limited data capacity.

analytics builder datorama reports for marketing cloud

What is the purpose of Datorama?

Datorama takes all your raw marketing data, connects, and unifies it through a unified data model, eliminating siloed data. You can easily retrieve constantly changing data sources into automated dashboards and reports, too.

Analytics builder Datorama reports for Marketing Cloud will give you far more insight into your analytics and your data.

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