The Account Engagement Engagement History Dashboard, powered by CRM Analytics, empowers sales and marketing users to explore and visualize critical data. Embed this dashboard component on campaign, account, lead, contact, person account, or opportunity records, with custom page layouts showcasing tailored widgets for each record type.

This out-of-the-box dashboard displays campaign performance metrics over time, revealing how prospects interact with your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement initiatives, including emails, landing pages, and associated files.

Account Engagement Engagement History Dashboard are integrated into several record types, each presenting slightly different information depending on its placement.

These dashboards are part of the Engagement History feature set, offering a quick and impactful way to incorporate Account Engagement data into Salesforce page layouts. They provide visibility across the organization, ensuring that campaign efforts are appreciated and understood.

Engagement History Dashboards share commonalities in availability and permissions. They are all based on valid, unfiltered visitor and prospect data, including archived prospects identified by a prospect ID. However, the filtering and widgets on each dashboard type vary slightly based on the associated record.

There are four dashboard types tailored to campaigns, opportunities, accounts, and leads/contacts. Each type includes basic filtering to align the dashboard’s content with the specific record it accompanies. Users can further explore the data using additional filters, enhancing their understanding and insights.

Learn about Account Engagement Salesforce Implementation Solutions.

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