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Best CPQ for Salesforce. The complexity of CPQ (configure, price, quote) arises from its deep integration into the overall Go-to-Market workflow, with initiation from front-office processes (Sales) and simultaneous integration with back-office processes (Legal, Finance, Billing). This intricate connection is what makes CPQ tools powerful yet challenging to implement.

Many businesses, once they select the best Salesforce CPQ tool for their business, turn to an implementation partner like Tectonic to get up and running. CPQ systems can even be managed long-term by a Salesforce Managed Services provider.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of CPQ hinges on well-designed processes, as even the best technology cannot fix poorly structured workflows. When the right processes are in place, CPQ becomes a powerful accelerator. The best CPQ choice is dependent upon a solution that works with your existing business model.

While traditional CPQ tools still offer significant value in terms of customizability and scalability, the landscape is evolving. New pricing methodologies, a heightened emphasis on end-user experience, integration of self-serve features into core product experiences, and more are transforming the CPQ space. This evolution is evident in the fact that seven out of the eleven tools featured on this list were launched in the last four years.

The market demand for solutions that keep pace with business challenges and changes has prompted the introduction of new CPQ tools. In 2023, companies are evaluating and adopting tools that align with their evolving needs.

While Tectonic refrains from declaring a singular “best CPQ tool” due to the highly contextual nature of such evaluations, Tectonic has compiled a list of 12 CPQ tools based on consistent feedback regarding their pros and cons. The list, ordered by launch date, includes:

  • Conga CPQ
  • Salesforce CPQ (formerly Steelbrick)
  • Dealhub
  • Zuora
  • Nue
  • Salesbrick
  • Subskribe
  • MonetizeNow
  • Cacheflow
  • Sculptor CPQ
  • Chargebee
  • Recurrly

This compilation serves as a resource for those evaluating CPQ and Billing Tools. For further insights and connections with Revenue Operations or Business Systems Leaders within the Salesforce ecosystem, please reach out, and Tectonic can facilitate solutioning.

This content was updated in 2024.

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