Sales forecasts, much like weather forecasts, serve as crucial tools for planning ahead, yet their effectiveness hinges on accurate data. A Gartner report reveals that only 45% of sales leaders express confidence in the accuracy of their organizations’ sales forecasts. Better data better forecasting. It makes sense, right?

Nobody wants the weather man to forget to tell them to pack an umbrella any more than they want their data to leave out key engagement or conversion information.

Data-driven Culture

At Salesforce, fostering a data-driven culture has been instrumental in achieving consistent and precise forecasts. The entire Salesforce sales organization actively contributes to maintaining this culture, offering valuable insights into how similar success can be achieved in any company, driven by accurate Salesforce forecasting.

better data better forecast

A forecast is a prediction made by studying historical data and past patterns.  Businesses use software tools and systems to analyze large amounts of data collected over a long period of time.  Salesforce tools can help you do this effectively.

Open Access to Data for Everyone:

  • Access to data is not about equality but about empowering every individual in the organization, from sales representatives to executives. Starting at the opportunity level, reps delve into prospect data, ensuring a comprehensive understanding to navigate the path to deal closure efficiently. Managers then assess individual opportunity and pipeline statuses, offering guidance based on accurate data. Executives, in weekly forecast calls, visualize company-wide data to assess progress towards sales targets and identify potential obstacles, facilitating strategic adjustments when needed. Open access to data eliminates silos, allowing the entire organization to focus on improvement areas.

Collective Accountability for Data Maintenance:

  • Keeping pipelines moving and targets on track requires collective responsibility. Reps, managers, and leaders are entrusted with this task, ensuring accurate Salesforce forecasting. Maintaining updated data is a collective effort, with Salesforce implementing a golden rule: if it’s not in their system of record, it doesn’t exist. The standardized process spans account executives creating and adjusting opportunity data, managers monitoring pipeline changes and providing guidance, and top executives redirecting resources based on the overall picture. This collective effort ensures that data remains current and accurate, contributing to efficient and precise forecasting.

Yan Pu, Vice President of Sales Operations and Strategy at Salesforce, emphasizes that everyone, despite having different job descriptions, works collaboratively to keep data updated. This shared responsibility is crucial to the efficiency and accuracy of forecast reviews, preventing reliance on stale data.

Better Data Better Forecasting

In the business world of data and forecasting, accuracy is paramount. Salesforce, coupled with a unified source of truth for data, emerges as a valuable tool. Data accuracy drives the field of data analysis. Tectonic, as your Salesforce implementation partner, ensures the development of a tailored Salesforce solution. Aligned with your business needs and incorporating essential elements and omitting unnecessary components. As a Salesforce Consulting Partner based in Colorado, Tectonic brings together a skilled team of certified professionals, specializing in crafting innovative solutions across various Salesforce products to enhance your business operations.

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